5 Best Xbox Controllers You Can Buy Today

Best Xbox Controllers
Credit: Olya Adamovich / pixabay.com

If you’re a casual gamer the bundled controller is perfect. However, if you’re chasing #1 in competitive games, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the best Xbox controllers.

And if you’re unwilling to spend $300 on a stock Scuf controller, these are the top 5 that you should buy today:

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5. Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller, $70

(Credit: Amazon)

At $70, this Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller is a perfect throwback solution for those still in love with the original Xbox controller. Often referred to as ‘The Duke’, owing to its weight, and use of the classic Xbox logo.

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The controller comes with fully supported vibration feedback, precision analog triggers, and bumpers. This controller is popular amongst the fans of the original Xbox console owing to the company’s great attention to detail and faithful design replica.

This controller also keeps the original black and white buttons and has complete compatibility with any game from the original library of Xbox titles (specifically, because the Hyperkin Duke is manufactured by Microsoft).

4. Razer Dragon Ball FighterZ Atrox Arcade Stick, $219

If you’re a fight fan, you’ll need an arcade fighting stick and the best controller option on the market is the Razer FighterZ Atrox Arcade Stick. Priced at nearly $220, this premium fight stick controller comes with incredibly high-quality and high-end Sanwa components.

The stick is available in different styles and is fully customizable, as you can open up the fight stick and change almost every part as per your preference.

3. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller, $26

(Credit: Amazon)

The PowerA Enhanced wired controller is much more affordable than the official Xbox controller, but that isn’t the reason it is #3 on this list. Many gamers prefer playing with a wired controller for that reliability, and this PowerA Enhanced wired controller is a great option because of it.

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However, the real selling point is that not only does the design mirror the official Xbox One controller, but it also comes with a few extra buttons. Mainly two back buttons that can be programmed to carry out specific actions like a pro controller.

The controller costs an affordable $26 and comes in a wide range of colors too.

2. Razer Wolverine Ultimate, $89

(Credit: Amazon)

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller is a genuine contender for the #1 spot on this list:

  • It has better customization capabilities, thanks to additional M1/M2 shoulder buttons.
  • It includes four buttons underneath the controller. These are less like paddles and more like different triggers, making them less susceptible to accidental touches.
  • The pad has a number of swappable elements like wider or taller analog sticks, along with a four or eight-directional D-pad.
  • The face buttons have the feel of a mouse click – making them feel more responsive when you press them.
  • The Razer Wolverine Ultimate also allows you to store two-controller profile setups at one time, and there is no need to head into the menus to alternate between the two profiles, thanks to the onboard controls.
  • It even has a separate remapping button.

This controller costs around $90… It sounds like a bargain, so what could possibly be better?

1. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2, $145

Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller has been designed to look just like the standard Xbox controller, but it comes with new and enhanced rear controls and swappable components:

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is a solid and dependable controller that not only has a bit of weight to it, but the grip is amazing. The controller includes a swappable D-pad, tunable triggers, read paddle buttons, and swappable thumbsticks that can be attached magnetically.

In fact, with Microsoft’s software, you can remap the controls on this controller as you like. Together with Bluetooth connectivity, this controller can be paired to be used with your computer or phone for Xbox Cloud gaming.

It costs a premium of $145 but it is without a doubt the best controller on the market (for Xbox).