The 5 Best Deep Tissue Massage Guns For The Athlete On A Budget


Massage guns can be expensive. However, there are options that deliver fantastic results on a budget. And amazingly, some of the best deep tissue massage guns are available for between $130 and $230.

Why use a deep tissue massage gun?

Anyone involved in high-intensity workouts will, at some point, be subject to muscle knots and soreness. Not only does this cause discomfort, but the pain can be unbearable.

Fortunately, there’s light at the end of this tunnel, in the shape of deep tissue massage guns. These devices are also known as percussion massagers and have proven to be a practical solution for those suffering.

These are the best 5 deep tissue massage guns if you’re on a budget of around $200:

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5. Everyfun M3 Pro, $130

This affordable device offers deep tissue massage and offers 10 hours of battery life:

For the price, it offers a number of features, including Smart Pressure Sensor (SPS) technology, and comes complete with five massage heads.

Additionally, the manufacturers offer a 15-month warranty and based on Amazon reviews, users are more than satisfied with the device, rating if 4.7 out of 5, from over 600 reviewers.

This item is available on for under $130.

4. Urikar Pro 2, $199.99

The Urikar Pro 2 is an intriguing percussion massager and it’s the only heated massage gun on this list:

This heated massage gun provides a unique approach to muscle rehabilitation and has an amazing design that makes it extremely ergonomic.

It comes complete with a 180-degree rotating handle for greater reach, offers deep tissue massage, and includes eight heads.

This item is available on for $199.99.

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3. Relxbit Pro, $210

You can find the Relxbit Pro for under $200, however, right now, the best deal is listed as $209. And for $9 we weren’t going to leave this professional-level deep tissue massage gun off the list:

The Relxbit Pro is a sophisticated device that is packed with features. It has a 120 Watt motor for seriously powerful massages.

Due to its power, it also possesses a wide percussion range and can really drill down too deep tissue issues. The device isn’t the best ergonomically, but with 10 speeds to work with and 4 heads, it’ll deliver a fantastic muscle massage.

This device is not available on, but you can find it here at

2. Opove M3 Pro Max, $200

The Opove M3 Pro Max has a 15mm amplitude. This is the distance the head travels, which determines how deep the massager can go. And at 15mm it will deliver an unbelievable deep massage.

On top of this amplitude, the device offers 55lbs of stall force. This means you can be really aggressive with the massager, pressing down into the muscles before it stops working.

Combine these two features and you’ve got one of the best deep tissue massage guns available despite its 4-hour battery life.

This device is on for $199.99.

1. Ekrin B37, $200 (On A deal)

Ekrin is a top-quality brand, known for its quality and customer service:

The B37 massage gun offers 12mm amplitude, 56lbs of stall force, 8 hours of battery life, and low noise output.

What puts this device #1 on this list is its excellent shape, which allows you to hold the device in a number of ways. This in turn enables the user to reach and apply pressure to muscles all over their body.

It also comes complete with 4 massage heads and a carry case. This device is on for $229.99, but you can often find it on sale at well below $200.

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