The Best Budget Tablets You Can Pick Up Right Now For Under $200

By Duane Beckett
Best Budget Tablets
Credit: SandisterTei / Wiki Commons

If you’re looking for an affordable tablet we’ve got six of the best, ranging from $59 to $180.

We’ve even included a cheeky option if you’re after an Apple device and have some wiggle room in your budget.

Swipe down to see the best budget tablets under-$200 now:

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Best Budget Large Screen Tablet: Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus, $119.99

Not only is the Amazon Fire tablet range cheaper, but they also offer a lot more for the price tag it comes for. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus starts from $119.99 for the 32GB storage model, though it comes with ads on your lock screen. However, by paying $15 extra, you can remove the ads. The regular Amazon Fire HD10 comes for $150 for the 32 GB storage.

This new tablet runs the latest Fire OS. With a relatively simple interface and a traditional home screen full of apps, you get your own Library that lists things like your Kindle, games, movies, books, and other similar items.

Best Budget Tablet: Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus, $59

Priced reasonably at approximately $59, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus has an increased RAM capacity of 3GB and also supports wireless charging.

The tablet also comes with a speedier charger, and it can be used just like an Echo Show. It has a 2 MP front camera and a 2 MP rear camera as well. Battery life lasts for up to 12 hours on one charge.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5-Inch, $179.99

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 costs a reasonable $179.99 from Amazon and is arguably the best Android tablet on a budget. With long battery life and a headphone jack, this large screen tablet can be considered a bit bulky compared to Apple but remains one of the best affordable tablets on the market.

The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 is that it is the closest you can get to a rival iPad if you are on a budget. The tablet comes loaded with Google’s Android operating system, and it provides a lot of flexibility to its users, along with a large HD display.

The tablet is especially great if you want to browse the web or watch movies. The long battery life makes it great for carrying out a movie marathon.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet 10.1, $150

Launched in November 2018, the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet 10.1 is priced at $150 and comes with a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, supporting a resolution of 1200×1920 pixels. The rear camera is 2 MP, and the front selfie camera is also 2 MP.

This tablet uses the Android operating system and has 32GB of storage that can be expanded with a microSD card to 256GB. The tablet includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The tablet’s pogo-pin connectors allow easy docking with the portable keyboard cover and charging dock.

Alcatel 3T 8-Inch Tablet, $145

The Alcatel3T 8-inch is an excellent alternative to the expensive Apple iPad tablets. This $145 tablet promotes itself as a clean and fuss-free Android experience, robust LTE connectivity, high-quality audio – and great battery life.

This tablet is ideally suited for basic tasks like web browsing and streaming. There is a separate kids mode, a great media streaming experience, and excellent audio quality has made this tablet a perfect option for children.

Weighing 11 ounces, the tablet has an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. The tablet also has a glass display instead of a plastic one, making the colors appear more vibrant. The only drawback of this tablet is that its cameras are not able to perform too well in low light conditions.

Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet, $110

The Lenovo Tab M8 is a great cheap tablet that has an Android operating system. Priced at $110 from Amazon, this affordable tablet is known for its long-lasting battery life and the great performance it gives for any average multimedia use.

Bonus: Apple iPad Pro (Renewed), $199

No tablet list is complete without an Apple iPad!

Priced at $199 for a refurbished iPad Pro, this is the best Apple option within the $200 budget. This terrific tablet has a large display for better multitasking, it comes with a bright detailed screen, which is great for browsing and streaming.

This option includes 128GB of storage and you can still pick your favorite color. Find out more about this refurbished Apple iPad Pro on Amazon now.

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