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most valuable foreign coins
Credit: piqsels.com
When the value of money exceeds its printed or minted price, you know its rarity has overtaken the value of
By Michelle Price and Pete Schroeder (Reuters) – A group of U.S. regulators on Monday called for Congress to regulate
Captain America Coins
Credit: Marvel / Koin Club
CAPTAIN AMERICA COINS: Eighty years on and ‘Cap’ is still one of Marvel’s most iconic characters: Want proof? In 2019,
spider man action figure
Credit: Showkat Chowdhury
Swinging into the Marvel scene in 1962, Spider-Man has become a beloved character in comics and feature films. Shooting webs
rare Canadian stamps
Credit: Collections - GetArchive
Similar to player cards or coins, stamps are also quite valuable in the collector’s market. Whether they portray famous people
Rare George Washington Stamps
Credit: Unsplash
Stamps are one of the most popular collectibles, along with coins. But what makes them so valuable? Not only are
nerdy collectibles worth life-changing amounts
Credit: Matt Popovich
In the world of nerdy collectibles, almost anything goes, from 90s card games to century-old stamps. The one thing all
Most Haunted Locations in the World, Unsplash
Horror lovers get ready. We’ve combed through the most haunted locations in the world to find the top five. From
Rarest Pennies in U.S. History
Credit: Roman Oleinik / Wiki Commons
Most of the coins in your pocket might not be worth more than a dollar but for coin collectors the
most expensive liquors, Unsplash
Liquor is a vice that many of us love to indulge in. Whether you enjoy a glass of whiskey after
oldest churches in the world
Credit: Phillip Waterton
Religion has been a part of the world for as long as humans have been roaming Earth. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism,
Oldest Castle in the World, Credit Unsplash
Castles serve as an iconic piece of history with walls that hold stories through the centuries. While most were built
most expensive video games in history, credit Unsplash
credit: unsplashCredit: unsplash
The most expensive video games list appointed a newly crowned king recently. A fact that proves two things; the value
Miami Dolphins Collectibles
Credit: Nathan Rupert
Currently known as the “Best Show on Surf,” the Miami Dolphins are my favorite football team in the NFL. With
Most Expensive Guns
Credit: Christies / YouTubeCredit: Christies / YouTube
Gun collectors would go crazy for some of the weapons on this list. Not just because they’re the most expensive
most expensive christmas trees
Credit: unsplash
Each year we drape a tree in decorations, whether that be garland, ornaments, or tinsel, and grow increasingly excited as
Tuluck Squishmallow Flickr - Phillip Pessar
Tuluck Squishmallow Flickr - Phillip Pessar
I have loved stuffed animals since I was little, and still love them to this day. Even though I’m a
Star Wars Action Figures
Credit: pxhere.com
 “A long time ago in a bedroom far, far away….” there was a mini-me playing with what would now surely
most valuable Dallas Cowboys collectibles
Credit: sandler482
The Dallas Cowboys, also known as “America’s Team,” has been quite successful over the years, pulling in multiple super bowl
Famous Swords
Credit: Louvre Museum / Wiki Commons
When it comes to the most famous swords, we’re not talking mythical or movie props. We’re talking real swords from
best collectibles to invest in
best collectibles to invest in
Investing can be a great way to ensure a better future for either yourself or your loved ones, whether you’re
FIFA Women's World Cup Collectibles: Most Rare and Unique Pieces Through the Years
FIFA Women's World Cup Collectibles: Most Rare and Unique Pieces Through the Years
Sports memorabilia are some of the most popular collectibles in the world, and FIFA Women’s World Cup collectibles are no
Most Valuable Designer Mugs
We've compiled a list of the 20 prettiest and most valuable designer mugs for brewing coffee, tea, and other hot…