Superman and the Hulk are two of the strongest superheroes in fiction. So, the question has to be asked, who is the strongest?

There is little doubt that the Hulk is an almost invincible force that triumphs in most strength-based conflicts but:

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How Much Can Superman Lift?

By most accounts, DC’s Man of Steel is the most powerful superhero in history and, in many respects, one of the most powerful comic book characters ever created.

Superman is known as a man who can lift practically whatever he desires, as shown in comic books. His strength varies according to his cells’ amount of solar energy and the story’s author.

The maximum amount of energy that Superman can absorb, and hence his power, has never been specified. Additionally, he has frequently been shown as being potentially immortal due to the solar energy that will return him to life.

Superman has been established in the comics to be capable of lifting around 2,000,000,000 (two billion) tonnes.

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How Much Can The Incredible Hulk Lift?

Depending on the state of his emotions, lifting capacity starts at approximately 100 tonnes:

And following some investigation, the entity Beyonder once asserted that the Hulk’s potential strength contained “no finite element.”

Additionally, the Hulk is capable of generating omnidirectional blasts of kinetic energy capable of annihilating the planet on which he is standing.

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Who Has The Greater Lifting Capacity, The Hulk Or Superman?

Compared to Superman, the Incredible Hulk has a radically different relationship with strength:

While the Hulk’s “baseline” strength allows him to lift approximately 100 tonnes – a pitiful amount in comparison to Superman’s lifting capacity — that strength may quickly shift when he becomes angry… and he is frequently angry!

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Who Is Stronger?

Based on comic book fiction, Hulk’s limitless strength beats Super Man’s 2-billion tonnes. So, the winner is the Hulk.

However, if this test of strength became a fight, there is no doubt Superman would come out on top. Superman is faster and has an array of superpowers that the Hulk wouldn’t be able to triumph against.

Simply put, Superman can increase his strength via the sun’s energy quicker than the Hulk can increase his wrath. Add laser eyes, cold breath, super speed, etc., and it would quickly become a one-sided battle.

Plus, as a point of reference, Superman has won each of the three times they have met in the combined Marvel/DC comics!