What To Watch This Weekend

After a long week of working, it is time to put your feet up and dig into some high-quality entertainment. Yet, the question come Friday evening is always, “what to stream this weekend?”

It can be challenging to decide what to watch with so many streaming alternatives accessible. Sometimes we spend so much time browsing and scrolling that we run out of time to watch something… And we know we are not alone in this.

Even though Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple, and Disney let us know which movies and TV shows are the most popular, it is still hard to decide between all the top TV shows and films. Furthermore, something is not always good simply because it is well-liked!

We’ve opted to streamline this procedure for you. No more endless scrolling, no more being overwhelmed by choice. Here is what to stream this weekend:

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1. The Sandman, Netflix

If you are burned out on superhero/demigod shows and movies, you may have no interest in what could be the next big thing, The Sandman.

Regardless, the show is about Dream (aka The Sandman), who controls all dreams, but who ended up imprisoned for a century. And now they are free, they travel timelines, and worlds, to fix the madness that imprisonment created.

There’s two nuggets of information that should pique your interest:

  1. The Sandman was a comic book series originally written by Neil Gaiman, which should mean it’ll have a little more horror and complexity than the usual Marvel smash-and-grab plot.
  2. Plus, this Netflix show is co-created by David S. Goyer, who worked on some very special movies (Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Blade, and my favorite, Dark City).

We’re always pessimistic about new shows at Nerdable, but The Sandman has us living in hope. It releases on August 5th.

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2. Clusterf**k: Woodstock ‘99, Netflix

Who doesn’t love a Netflix documentary? And this Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99 is perfect for any parent wanting to scare three shades of s*** out of their teenagers who want to rock out at a weekend festival.

By the end of three hour-long episodes, you’ll be blaming the attendees, the organizers, and most of all the people at the top. Who throughout wore blinkers and worried too much about optics, rather than people’s wellbeing.

If you want to see a night sky turn orange with fire, or what New York would look like if law and order was run by 18-year-olds, this is the documentary to watch this weekend.

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3. Stranger Things, Netflix

If you are up to date with Stranger Things, there is only one answer to the question, “what to stream this weekend?” and that’s Part II of Season 4.

A confrontation between Vecna and Eleven, as well as the Hawkins gang, will take place in the second half of the season four finale of Stranger Things, which is split into two parts.

Actor Joseph Quinn, who plays new cast member Eddie, hinted in an interview that the series finale would be filled with “carnage,” and the Duffer Brothers have gone so far as to declare that there would be a body count by the time the two mega-episodes are up.

Episode 8, titled “Papa,” will run for roughly 1 hour and 25 minutes, while Episode 9, titled “The Piggyback,” will run for around 2 hours and 19 minutes. Which is HUGE! (Thank you The Duffer Brothers).

“Papa” is a creepy nickname that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was taught to call Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine). In the preview, an exhausted Robin (played by Maya Hawke) laments to Steve (played by Joe Keery), “I have this terrible feeling that it may not work out for us this time.”

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4. The Umbrella Academy, Netflix

If you haven’t watched it before, The Umbrella Academy is a superhero show based on a comic book series with the same name. It recounts the tale of a bizarre band of adopted siblings who come back together to investigate their biological father’s death while simultaneously striving to rescue the planet.

This series has quickly become a fan favorite among those who subscribe to Netflix due to its stellar cast (which includes Elliot Page). It has fantastic characters and an engaging narrative. Plus plenty of episodes to catch up on if you haven’t seen it before. Find out more about The Umbrella Academy on IMDB.

5. God’s Favourite Idiot, Netflix

If you are still looking for what to stream this weekend, and are looking for something new, God’s Favorite Idiot is worth checking out.

In God’s Favorite Idiot, an IT worker by the name of Ben Falcone is struck by lightning, and discovers an unusual new connection with God. Phil Mutz, Vice President of News and Entertainment at PureWow, called it “pretty freaking hilarious” and is reminiscent of Bridesmaids. The comedy also stars Melissa McCarthy, who happens to be Ben Falcone’s real wife.

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6. The Terminal List, Prime Video

The main character, James Reece, played by Chris Pratt, is putting in a lot of effort to find a way out of a predicament. James, a former United States Navy SEAL who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after his unit was attacked while on a covert operation.

This show is based on the book of the same name by Jack Carr. As Pratt’s character unravels his past and gains a deeper understanding of the people with whom he collaborates, he realizes that he may be in greater danger than at any other moment in his history.

Various well-known performers, such as Taylor Kitsch, Riley Keough, Jai Courtney, Constance Wu, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and JD Pardo, make cameos throughout the series. Find out more about The Terminal List on IMDB.

7. Baymax, Disney Plus

Still curious about what to stream this weekend? Well, if you are looking for something family-orientated, and need something a little lighter and upbeat, the bouncing bot featured in Big Hero 6 might just do the trick. Each episode of this series lasts around twelve minutes and focuses on Baymax as he goes from customer to customer, as he provides services to the citizens of San Fransokyo.