10 Rarest Albino Animals From Around The World

rarest albino aniamls from around the world
Credit - pxhere.com

Albinism is an inherited genetic peculiarity that affects many species. Mammals, including humans, birds, amphibians, and reptiles, along with fish, can be affected by this phenomenon. Here are the rarest albino animals from around the world. 

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10. Albino Cobra 

Rarest Albino Animals From Around The World
Credit – reddit.com

The cobra is often considered one of nature’s deadliest predators, designed to blend perfectly as he waits for his prey. For an albino snake, however, camouflage is not an option. The albino cobra still looks vicious, even with its white skin. 

9. Albina Gorilla 

The one and only albino gorilla known to man is called Snowflake, which was kept at a Zoo in Spain, Barcelona from 1966 until his death. Throughout Snowflake’s 39 years, he attracted millions of visitors to Barcelona and became the most photographed animal in the world. 

8. Albino Hummingbird 

Rarest Albino Animals From Around The World
Credit – hummingbird-guide.com

As the smallest bird species in the world, the hummingbird is well known for its bright feathers and deft tongue. This rare albino hummingbird was first spotted in the back garden of an ordinary family. Keep an eye out because you might spot one outside.

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7. Albino Dolphin 

Rarest Albino Animals From Around The World
Credit – nationalgeographic.com

The Albino dolphin was first spotted in 2018 on the Bay of Monterey in California. The dolphin was first talked about in 2014 and was nicknamed Casper. It remains the only documented albino dolphin to date.  

6.  Albino Skunk

Rarest Albino Animals From Around The World
Credit – 9gag.com

Most skunks are easily recognizable by their trademark black stripe, but this albino skunk looks as cuddly as a cat. Be forewarned, though: an albino skunk is just as pungent as any other. This is a dangerous skunk, given that people won’t recognize it without their usual black strip. Be careful because you never know you might come across one. 

5. Albino Giraffe  

Rarest Albino Animals From Around The World
Credit – nytimes.com

The world saw a two-rate albino giraffe from Kenya in 2017: a mum and her calf. Unfortunately, the world’s last female white giraffe and her calf were hunted and killed by poachers, leaving only one male species of this giraffe.

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4. Albino Koala 

Rarest Albino Animals From Around The World
Credit – Bill Kuffrey

The koala is one of the calmest animals in the world. They spend almost all their time either sleeping or eating, making them all the more adorable to human observers. The idea of an all-white albino koala is somehow even cuter. People believe that albino koalas exist in the wild, but only one has been found. An albino koala that we know of lives in the San Diego Zoo.

3. Albino Tiger 

Albino tigers look like white tigers, but one should not confuse them with white tigers. While white tigers have white fur and dark black stripes, albino tigers, on the other hand, have lighter fur and pink eyes. Scientists believe that the Albino tigers have passed on their genes to their offspring, which could make finding a whole family of tigers with albinism possible.

2.  Albino Alligator 

Alligators are dangerous reptiles that are generally found in US Waters. Albino alligators, however, are extremely, very rare, with only 20 cases recorded worldwide. But their beautiful white skin does more harm to them than good by making them accessible spots for other predators, which makes them have a lesser chance of surviving long in the wild.

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1. Albino Orangutan 

The world’s only albino orangutan was spotted alive in the rainforests in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. The villages called it Alba, and it has completely white fur and blue eyes, raised in a cage as a pet. The animal guard later took the female orangutan in 2017 to the center of the orangutan on Borneo Island before it was released into the wild.