5 Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards On The Market Right Now

Credit: Timothy Tsui / Wiki Commons

From $900 to almost $3k, we’ve picked out the most expensive YuGiOh cards money can buy right now:

For some, these prices will shock, but for collectors with deep pockets, these ultra-rare cards will not only empower a deck – they’ll turn heads while doing so.

See the top-5 valuable YuGiOh cards below:

5. Gaia, the Fierce Knight – $900

Gaia, the Fierce Knight is one of the most iconic YuGiOh cards going. This is because it represents an archetype of a monster. There are also other versions of this monster, such as Soldier Gaia and Charging Gaia The Fierce Knight.

The card was released as part of the 2002 Legend of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon set, which was the very first English release. The card posses a very valuable 2300 ATK points along with 2100 DEF points.

Currently, the worth of Gaia, The Fierce Knight is estimated to be around $900.   

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4. Blood Mefist – $1,300

First released in 2011, Blood Mefist is another hallmark of the Yu Gi Oh Championship Series prize card collection.

No other copies of the Blood Mefist have been printed, making it a rare and valuable card. The price of Blood Mefist is estimated to be around $1300:

And the value of the card may continue to rise if Konami doesn’t reprint into new versions. However, other cards in this series, such as Chaos Emperor and The Dragon of Armageddon were reprinted only a year after their initial release. It looks likely Blood Mefist will continue to climb the most expensive YuGiOh cards list.

3. Minerva, The Exalted Lightsworn – $1,375

Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn was released in 2015 in the Yu Gi Oh Championship Series. It is arguably the most beautiful and artistic card in this top-5 most expensive YiGiOh cards list.

The card is worth around $1,375, despite being reprinted as a Secret Rare in the Battle of Legend: Light’s Revenge Set. The reprinted version could be easily bought at the price of around $10 – so collectors watch out.

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2. Morphing Jar – $2,050

The Morphing Jar card was first released in 2002 as part of the second Tournament Pack. The 2002 edition is an ultra-rare collectible and high on the list of most YuGiOh card collectors.

This card has been reprinted several times, with the most recent reprinting in 2018. The first edition of Morphing Jar in mint condition is expensive, with a value estimated to be around $2,050.

1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – $2,850

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the most valuable YuGiOh card going. The card owes its popularity and value to the notoriously wealthy Seito Kaiba, as it was the signature card of the anime character.

The card gets its name from the original Legend of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon booster set, while it was also featured in the Seito Kaiba themes starter deck.

The price of a mint condition Blue-Eyes White Dragon card is estimated to be around $2,850.

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