Most Expensive Monitors You Can Use for Work From Home

Most Expensive Monitors You Can Use for Work From Home
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We have gathered the most expensive monitors from different technology brands. If you work from home and want to encourage an excellent office set up, these are the best monitors money can buy. And they don’t come cheap. The features and style may surprise you, but when staring at a computer all day, the investment becomes worth it. Check out the best and most expensive monitors we could find.

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Do I need a 4K monitor to work from home?

If you want the best, 4K works wonders for people who do office work and are working from home. They enhance the detailing, making the small text easier to read when staring at a computer for about half your day. Working on a monitor that has 4K is a game changer when working with spreadsheets and documents all day. 

Should I get a curved or flat monitor for my office work?

If you spend a lot of time working at your desk, a curved monitor can make your life easier. Curved monitors are designed to maximize your field vision. That way, it will minimize eye movement. The best thing about curved monitors is that they reduce eye strain when staring at a monitor all day. They are more comfortable for the eyes compared to having flat monitors that are side by side. 

10 Most Expensive Monitors

10. EIZO ColorEdge. $1,450

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The EIZO ColorEdge is twenty-seven inches wide. It has a wide gamut that is ideal for raw images and printing. You will see the images as bright colors as if you were seeing the picture in person. It is a great computer if you are editing photos. Turning an image that isn’t perfect into something worthy of sharing is spectacular. You can pivot the laptop to get a more comfortable angle for work. This monitor is great if you work as a designer or with photos and need to have the best images displayed to edit. 

9. CORSAIR Xeneon Flex, $1,600

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The CORSAIR Xeneon Flex is set with a curve to help give you a better view of your work. It also works great for gameplay if you play games on your computer. If you are a video editor, it eliminates motion blur to give you realism during fast-moving scenes. It is an ultra-slim monitor that is forty-five inches wide. It is a game-changer monitor if you work in the gaming industry or film world. It is worth the investment if you want the best monitor for work. 

8. ASUS ROG Swift, $1,799

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The ASUS ROG Swift is a thirty-two-inch and 4K monitor. It provides realistic colors and smoother graduation. You can adjust the settings with the OSD dial at the monitor’s bottom. Whether you want to change the brightness or the color parameters, it is quick and easy to access when working. If you have the money to spend gifting yourself or someone else this monitor, it will be well worth it when you use it. 

7. LG Curved UltraWide, $1,800

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The LG Curved UltaWide has auto-brightness with an ambient light sensor, which means that the light sensor will make the screen brighter in bright conditions. It will decrease the brightness in darker conditions. That way, you can view the monitor easily. The resolution is great when you do creative work, from video editing to special effects. You will be able to create better with this monitor at your side. It is great for content creators in various fields. 

6.  Acer Predator X38, $2,000

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The Acer Predator X38 is a thirty-seven-and-a-half ultra-wide screen that is curved. It provides hyper-like speed that goes up to 175HZ, giving you a smooth look when editing videos with fast pace recorded. It is expensive, but you are getting the best for what you pay for. It has a color gamut that ensures you will get every represented color shown on the screen and provides color correction. This is helpful if you work in some kind of design field where colors matter a lot.

5. Samsung Odyssey $2,200

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The Samsung Odyssey is the world’s first forty-nine-inch OLED monitor. It is a curved screen that wraps around your full field of view so you can see the screen even from the corner of your eye. It will put you fully into the character’s shoes when editing. You will know every detail displayed before you at the highest resolution. It has built-in speakers, so spending more money on getting them is unnecessary. This will take your creative work to the next level. 

4. HP Envy All-in-One, $2,480

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The HP Envy All-in-One is thirty-four inches that can have everything displayed without one covering another. You can easily work while being on a video call if you have meetings. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, you can wirelessly send photos, videos, or documents from your phone to the monitor. It gives you the confidence you need when working, knowing you have enough space to store your work in progress with work. The screen has a wide view. That way, you can see more of your screen which you can’t get from laptops. 

3. Dell UltraSharp 32 8K Monitor, $4,025

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The Dell UltraSharp 32 8K is the world’s first 8K monitor designed to impress with accurate colors. It helps creates images that look so realistic right before your eyes. You can turn the monitor and make it either vertical or horizontal, whichever you choose. There aren’t many monitors that have that feature. As a bonus for working from home, the Dell Ultra Sharp monitor also has an easy arrange feature that organizes the applications you download for you.

2. Apple Pro Display XDR, $6,000

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The Apple Pro Display XDR is the best and most expensive monitor if you only like working with Apple products. It has a nano-texture glass option for minimized glare. It has a 6K resolution, so this monitor would knock off your socks if you thought 4K was sharp. People love Apple because they can connect all their other devices. The colors that show up make you understand why it is one of the most expensive monitors. Apple always seems to one-up their previous devices, and they knocked it out of the ballpark with the screen size, resolution, pixel density, and so many other features.

1. Dell Interactive Touch Monitor 4K, $6,400

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The Dell Interactive Touch Monitor is eighty- six inches wide, which makes for an extremely large and expensive monitor. You can see every little detail you make at work on this screen. It is anti-smudge, so there won’t be so many fingerprint smudges when you touch it. The sounds on it are great when giving a presentation providing you with a spectacular sound all around. No matter where you sit, you will have a consistent image quality. This is worth it if your job needs you to have the best of the best monitors so you can give them flawless work.

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These are the most expensive monitors you can get that will completely change your work from home office set up. In order to find the one that works best for you, check out what you can afford and what features you consider “must haves” out of this list. These monitors are truly investments, so it is important that you find the option that makes your job easier regardless of your industry. Check out more technology on Nerdable here.

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