Whether you’re a believer or not, alien abduction stories can intrigue, scare, and just downright leave you scratching your head wondering why someone would make up such a tale. Especially when some stories end in intimate scenarios or worst, being probed.

There’s very little evidence beyond what the abductees say, and some seem like a desperate cry for attention (personal opinion). However, some stories do leave you puzzled for all the right reasons. Like how did Antônio Villas-Boas get radiation sickness? Or where did Betty Hill get her star map from? Find out more below.

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7. 1969 Berkshire UFO Incident

On September 1, 1969, many residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, individually reported seeing a UFO. Residents spotted lights in the sky, and many witnesses also said that the lights were coming from an unidentified, disk-shaped craft that was flying in an erratic pattern.

The family of Thomas Reed remembers seeing a group of glowing orbs amongst the roadside trees. The glowing orbs came to a stop, off the right side of the Sheffield Bridge. He described the experience as being in the middle of a hurricane. Afterward, the family had an inexplicable loss of two hours of memory.

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6. Alien Abduction of Whiteley Strieber

Whiteley Striber has been a fiction writer for over 40 years. In his non-fiction book Communion, written in 1987, Strieber shared the experience of being abducted by aliens on the night of December 26, 1985.

He reported being woken up by a strange noise and seeing a small non-human entity approaching his bed. He woke up feeling disoriented and aggressive. A few months later, during a regressive hypnosis session, he recollected some memories of that night. He clearly remembered a group of ‘visitors’ entering his home and abducting him.

Later, in another book, Strieber also detailed another alien encounter on June 6, 1998, in Toronto.

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5. Pascagoula Alien Story

The Pascagoula alien story took place on October 11, 1973. Clavin Parker and Charles Hickson went fishing on the banks of the Pascagoula River in Mississippi when the incident took place:

First, they reported seeing a big blue light come out of the clouds, nearly blinding them. Soon, Parker claimed that three legless creatures floated out of the vessel towards them. Parker reported that they were both taken aboard the alien craft and experimented on.

Later, the two fishermen found themselves back on the riverbank. They went and reported the story to the police, but no one believed them. There was no physical evidence of their abduction, and thus the alien story remains a mystery to date.

4. Abduction of Antônio Villas Boas

The story of Antonio Villas Boas’ alien abduction came to light in 1957. Boas claimed that he was abducted by aliens and reported seeing a red star on October 16, 1957, in the fields near Sao Francisco de Sales.

He claimed that he was captured by five-foot-tall creatures wearing helmets and grey overalls. Once on the craft, Boas claimed that an alien female engaged in sex with him. He was let off the ship after four hours. The baffling point to this story is that doctors found signs of radiation sickness.

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3. Abduction of Pilot Frederick Valentich

On October 21, 1978. Australian pilot Frederick Valentich vanished into thin air while he was mid-flight. He was flying in his Cessna 182L over the Bass Strait between the Australian mainland and Tasmania.

After departing from Moorabbin, he reported that an unidentified craft followed him, though the Melbourne Flight Service insisted that there was no other air traffic near him. He noted that this large vessel had four bright lights and was flying at a remarkable speed:

Soon after, the pilot and his plane vanished completely, never to be found.

While many believe that he crashed and his remains were never found, others firmly believe that aliens abducted him.

2. Travis Walton Abduction

On November 5, 1975, Travis Walton was reportedly abducted, and he did not return for five whole days. Upon returning, he described that he was abducted from the Sitegreaves National Forest in Arizona. Walton and six more loggers were returning home when they spotted a shiny disc hovering in the sky above them.

While the others ran away, Walton claimed to have been abducted by non-human beings and experimented on. After his return, a full-scale investigation was launched, but nothing conclusive came out.

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1. Barney and Betty Hill Abduction

In September 1961, Barney and Betty Hill went on a trip to New Hampshire. On the last night of their holiday, they left a diner at 10 pm. While on the way home, Betty reported noticing a particularly bright star. Afterward, two hours of their memory had been wiped from their minds.

Later, Barney recalled creatures with slanted eyes taking them aboard the UFO. Barney also reported that the creatures collected samples of their hair, skin, and nail clippings.

In 1964, under hypnosis, Betty drew a star map of the sky as she observed from a planet orbiting the star Zeta Reticuli, located around 40 light-years from Earth. The map Betty drew was a spot-on accurate recreation of the star system.