Are Aliens Real? 5 Events That Might Make You A Believer

Are Aliens Real?
Credit: 12222786 / Pixabay

One of the most fascinating questions in the world is, are aliens real? Opinions vary, and there is no public answer to this. Yet, through scientific research, expert opinion, and government testimony, the truth is (probably) out there.

The following 5 events should be enough to make even the most skeptical mind curious.

1. Official UFO Sightings

UFO sightings are usually #1 on the list of events that make people believe that a life form exists beyond planet Earth.

And amazingly sightings have been recorded for many centuries. The first-ever UFO sighting is recorded in 1440 BCE when Ancient Egyptians recorded the sighting of fiery disks in Tuli Papyrus.

However, the most compelling UFO sighting came in April 2020, when the United States Navy released a set of videos of an aircraft traveling at a hypersonic speed. They chased it, tried to track it, and lost it.

This is undeniable proof UFOs exist… Even if it doesn’t prove alien life.

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2. Top NASA Scientist Admits Aliens Have Visited Earth

Are Aliens Real

One of the top NASA scientists, Professor Silvano P. Colombano has openly admitted that aliens had visited Earth but we do not know about it because they might not look how we have imagined them.

He also argued that many UFO sightings cannot be denied or explained.

According to Colombano, we have been looking for aliens based on our assumptions and they might not be very wrong.

Theoretically, we only know our technology and therefore could not imagine a technology that could have been produced by a more advanced civilization that has been living for millions of years before the existence of mankind.

3. Martian Fossils Discovered in Antarctica

Are Aliens Real
(Photo: Eli Duke / WikiCommons)

In 1996, NASA scientists controversially announced that they have discovered microbes of potato-shaped lumps of Martian fossils in a meteorite in Antarctica.

The meteorite is alleged to have exploded on Mars and wandered the solar system for millions of years before getting to Antarctica.

A careful study of the object found traces of mineral magnetite and non-biological processes. Proving that there was some kind of life on Mars or somewhere else in the universe, which has caused the presence of non-bacteria.

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4. Chemical Signature Detected by Viking

Are aliens real?

In 1976, two Viking landers tested soil on Mars and one detected chemical evidence of life:

The soil was mixed with radioactive-carbon-labeled nutrients. And when tested for the production of methane it was reported to be positive.

This led a portion of scientists to believe that alien life does exist on other planets but it is still in its early phases, or that it might not exist in the way we think it does.

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5. The Mystery of Oumuamua

Oumuamua is a strange object:

It was found orbiting the sun and is a strange structure the likes of which scientists had never seen before.

Oumuamua was first seen in the sun’s neighborhood in 2017 and scientists have been observing it since. There were several anomalies found in its structure and acceleration pattern that led many to believe that it is some sort of alien technology.

Harvard astrophysicist, Avi Leob believes that it is some kind of alien trash. Loeb argued in one of his papers published in 2018 that Oumauma accelerated while moving away from the sun which proves that it has some kind of advanced technology that helps it to escape the gravity of the sun.