5 Dumbest Disney Characters (And Why)

Calling someone dumb isn’t cool. Unless they do something that justifies it and these five Disney all-stars definitely earn the title of the dumbest Disney characters.

You might be thinking we’re looking for characters like Mater (Cars) and Rex (Toy Story), but these are beloved characters with hearts of gold. We’re looking for the dummies who do things no one with half-a-brain-cell should.

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Scar, The Lion King (1994)

Not only does Scar double-cross and kill his brother, Mufasa, he then scares his nephew out of the kingdom, sides with the hyenas, runs the kingdom into the ground, and finally double-crosses the hyenas. Clearly, Scar is one of the dumbest Disney characters ever!

And all this because he had the green-eyed monster of jealousy. If only he was happy being the brother of the King, Scar could have been sitting pretty in comfort at the top of the food table. Instead, he becomes a hyena banquet.

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Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937)

C’mon Snowy, think before you eat apples from strangers. Especially when that stranger gives it the big sell, enticing you to eat it. And here’s the thing, how dumb do you have to be to believe it is a magic wishing apple?

Clearly, they didn’t have stranger danger education in Snow White’s time. Perhaps the Disney remake starts with Snow White screaming “stranger” and the movie lasts around 10-minutes (probably not).

Ariel, The Little Mermaid (1989)


Talk about a bad message in the modern era. A story about a young girl giving up what she loves for a man. I’m amazed this hasn’t been canceled by Twitter outcry (everything else has).

Perhaps Disney is immune, or too many people love Sabastian (and who can blame them, that crab is one of Disney’s best characters).

And here is why Ariel is a dummy; not only does she have a great life under the sea, collecting trinkets and such. She is willing to give it all up, family and friends, because of some bipedal hunk. Are there no mermen she can fan-girl over?

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Megara, Hercules (1997)

What is it with people selling their souls to the devil? Have people (and story writers) not learned from the countless past lessons (fiction)?

In Hercules, Megara (Meg going forwards), Hercules’ future love interest trades her soul to save her boyfriend at the time. How cute!

Wrong, in the movie, that boyfriend then leaves Meg for another woman…

Actually, he should be one of the dumbest Disney characters too. Because leaving someone who would trade their soul for you is definitely a big mistake:

Regardless, Meg makes it onto this list as a dummy because giving away your soul is the dumbest thing you can do (whether you believe in that sort of thing or not).

Sultan, Aladdin (1992)

The Sultan in Aladdin has to be one the dumbest Disney characters ever. Nice but dumb:

All that power and wealth, yet he let the evil-looking Jafar become his most loyal adviser.

And yeah, I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But Jafar looked in his 50s, yet the Sultan was offering his young daughter in marriage to the creep. That should be an immediate ejection from the palace!

The counter-argument is that the Sultan was hypnotized and controlled by Jafar:

However, if that was the case, why did no one help the Sultan out? All that wealth and power, yet it couldn’t buy a friend to watch over his daughter.

The Sultan is a royal dummy. Literally.