Few things are more enjoyable than a cold brew coffee on a hot summer’s day. However, drinking cold brew is not limited to the summer months for many coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee for cold brew is prepared differently than conventional coffee. When creating a cold brew, consider several factors, including the type of beans to use, their freshness, and the number of beans to grind.

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The following are the best coffees for cold brew:

5. Lifeboost Coffee Single Origin

Best Coffee For Cold Brew
(Credit: Lifeboost)

If you’re looking for a fantastic all-around solution, the Lifeboost Single Origin is it. Their roasts are hand-picked, spring-water cleaned, and pesticide and mycotoxin-free. Cold brewed, all of their roasts taste incredible!

Their medium roast has a mild acidity with wood and sweet chocolate undertones, allowing the single-origin flavors to come through. Lifeboost obtains Arabica and Maragogipe beans from Nicaragua’s mountains.

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4. Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee, $15

(Credit: Amazon)

With its intriguing name, Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee is a popular choice for both regular and cold brews. It is a robust, flavorful coffee that promises to be the most strong. Death Wish has you covered if you’re searching for a strong caffeine boost!

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This coffee is fantastic due to its high caffeine concentration. This brand is dedicated to making your freshly brewed coffee rich and potent, and it succeeds on both counts.

3. Kicking Horse Coffee, $26

(Credit: Amazon)

While Kicking Horse is well-known for its caffeine impact, that spike is also accompanied by a high level of acidity. With its sweet, chocolaty, and honey aromas, a cold brew is an excellent pairing with this medium roast.

This organic and Fairtrade arabica whole bean is farmed in the Rocky Mountains and originates in Africa, Central America, and South America.

2. Cold Buzz Coffee, $20

(Credit: Amazon)

Cold Buzz Coffee simplifies cold brewing by supplying pre-ground beans in packets similar to tea bags. All that is required is to add water and soak overnight.

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They acquire their arabica beans only from Central and South America and Europe. They are conscious that cold brew is more expensive than hot coffee due to the large number of grounds required and hence collaborate with roasters and wholesalers to keep costs down.

Cold Buzz Coffee comes in various tastes, but the hazelnut is delicious. The dark roast enhances the sweet, buttery flavor, ideal for cold brewing.

1. Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve
Credit: Stone Street Coffee

Cold Brew Reserve by Stone Street is a 100 percent arabica Colombian Supremo. Colombian coffee is renowned for its robust, fruity flavor. Stone Street is a Brooklyn-based roaster. Its business practices are founded on treating coffee producers fairly and ethically. This dedication is evident in their collaboration with Sweet Unity Farms.

Cold Brew Reserve is roasted to a dark roast. Even if you’re not a fan of dark roast coffee, you might enjoy it in a cold brew. This approach minimizes bitterness and results in a silky infusion. This coffee is sweet and well-balanced in the cup. Chocolate and caramel flavor notes are present.

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While these beans are suitable for any brewing method, they perform particularly well in a cold brew. This coffee is available whole bean or ground. The grind is very coarse, which is ideal for home cold brewing.