10 Best Bass Earbuds for Every Budget in 2023

Best bass earbuds for every budget

Whether you’re an audiophile or just looking to upgrade your earbuds in 2023, there are some great options out there that will optimize your music listening. We’ve rounded up the top 10 best bass earbuds for every budget this year. Our product recommendations range from $28 to $549 to ensure you find your perfect pair.

What are bass earbuds?

As the name suggests, these headphones produce the bass sounds found in music. These are low-frequency sounds that any audio output can make. They are very popular for listening to music because songs tend to sound more intense with these headphones on as opposed to listening to them out loud.

Best bass earbuds for every budget

Below, we rank the ten best bass earbuds based on their cost. All of them come highly-rated for sound quality, durability, and usability.

10. Sony Wired Extra Bass Earbud Headphones, $28

If you’re not sold on wireless headphones or prefer a pair that you don’t have to re-charge, these Sony wired earbuds are a great option for sound quality. They also have a tangle-free cable in order to keep this product easy to use . These headphones come in three colors: black, blue, and red. They’re easily available on Amazon.com and are currently on sale for $28.

As the product name suggests, these headphones provide “extra bass” for a strong sound, regardless of what you’re listening to. They also have a microphone so that you can use these headphones to take phone calls when you’re not listening to music.

Sony is a trusted name in audio manufacturing and reviewers agree that these are the best bass earbuds for an affordable price. The volume is impressive and the buds fit comfortably in everyone’s ears because they come with 4 detachable earbud tips. Since not all earbuds fit all ears, this is a great feature for the cost that provides maximum comfort.

9. JBL Vibe 200 True Wireless Earbuds, $29.99

JBL offers deep bass sound in all of their headphone products. These are extremely affordable considering they are rechargeable and last 5 hours per charge. You can simply touch an earbud to make calls or use a voice assistant, which makes them convenient for every day life.

Amazon Music and SiriusXM are included at no cost for 4 months, so this purchase is a great deal. Reviewers like how comfortably the earbuds fit in the ear. Even though they are wireless, there is no tugging or hanging sensation when wearing these bass earbuds. People also enjoy the quality of the sound and noise cancellation, which feels like it should be more expensive than it is.

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8. Apple Beats Flex All-Day Wireless Earphones, $69.99

This partnership between Apple and Beats brought a new, cord-free solution to the best bass earbuds. Instead of completely getting rid of a headphone cord, this product is made to wear behind your head. It eliminates the frustration of keeping headphones plugged into your phone because it’s still technically wireless. People like this feature because it allows you to hang or hold onto the headphones around your neck should you need to take them off. This prevents you from losing your headphones or dropping one earbud.

These Beats come in four colors: blue, black, gray, and yellow. This is a wide variety considering the price point. In terms of sound quality, these earbuds promise a clear, crisp sound with lots of bass. You can listen for up to 12 hours before charging, which is why they are named the “all-day” headphones. If you like the idea of having a cord for security and long battery life, you will enjoy this wireless Beats option.

7. Jabra Elite 3 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones, $79.99

Jabra is a lesser-known brand in the audiophile space, but these earbuds are excellent quality for under $100. They offer 7 hours of listening before you will need to charge the buds in the case and 28 hours before the case requires charge. These headphones offer “HearThrough” mode, which turns noise cancellation on or off depending on your preference. This is great if you’re unsure about complete active noise cancellation because it won’t fully remove you from your surrounding environment, but help quiet excessive noise.

The Elite 3 headphones are extremely durable since they are rainproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet or sweaty. The overall sound quality was rated a 4.3/5 in the Best Buy reviews. You can even customize your sound preferences in the Jabra Sound+ app.

6. Wireless Beats by Dr. Dre, $99.99

These are true noice-cancelling, wireless headphones that were made to make music sound the best it can. Beats are known for their “immersive sound” experience and this pair will deliver with minimal ear disruption.

Each earbud can play for up to 8 hours before they need to be charged in a case. These Beats also come with free Apple TV+ for 3 months after purchase and Apple music for up to 4 months.

The color options are wide as they have black, white, gray, red, and blue. They are both sweat and water resistant, which makes them perfect for working out or even walking outside on a rainy day. Reviewers enjoy how small and portable the case is as well as the excellent sound quality. Since the buds are made to fit in the ear canal, they are extremely small and lightweight. For only $99.99, you’ll have a very durable pair of bass earbuds that will last you quite a while whether you plan to use them to workout or in your daily life.

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, $114.99

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro come with noise cancellation, enhanced 360 audio, and hi-fi sound quality, which makes them one of the best bass earbuds on the market.

While the purple is a fun choice, they also have gray and white as color options. These headphones are extremely small and lightweight, which is optimal for wireless earbuds. This way, you won’t feel them moving around too much when you’re working out or relaxing in bed. Reviewers love that the case is so sleek and small. Waterproofing is also a favorite feature for Buds2 Pro owners.

4. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo Wireless On-Ear Headphones, $129.99

Mixing it up, these on-ear headphones are great if you are sensitive to earbuds and prefer your headphones go over your ears. The cushion surrounding the speakers will keep you comfortable and they are adjustable if you need them to fit differently on your ears. As wireless bluetooth headphones, you can use them for up to 40 hours before the battery dies.

As with all Beats products right now, you will get free Apple TV+ for 3 months after purchase and Apple music for up to 4 months. The sound is award-winning and while this model doesn’t include active noise cancelling, it comes with noise isolating technology to enhance your music listening experience. Reviewers rave about how lightweight these bass headphones are and they feel comfortable wearing them to the gym or around the house. Best Buy rates them a 4.7/5, so you can tell they perform well for customers.

3. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Earbuds, $196.95

Available at Target, these Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Earbuds are incredibly sleek and seamless for your bass earbud needs. They are true wireless without any sort of wire or ear attachment, so they rest gently in your ear canal.

These headphones are perfect for an audiophile because Sennheiser has TrueResponse technology that uses high resolution audio. These earbuds also come with an intuitive equalizer feature that you can then adjust with their app. It’s called the Sennheiser Smart Control app and you can use it to turn on and off the noise cancellation as well as choose your custom listening preferences. They’re normally $249.95, but on sale with Target for $196.95 making these bass headphones a great deal.

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2. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, $249

These Bose wireless earbuds are available on Amazon on sale for $249 (down from the original price of $299). The battery life lasts up to 6 hours out of the case and 24 hours in the case. The name, QuietComfort, goes to show that Bose prides themselves in their noise cancelling technology that allows you to enjoy the music and deep bass that much more.

With the Bose Music app, you can set up your earbuds to specific preferences, which include noise cancellation levels, equalization, and listening modes. Reviewers love these earbuds because the sound quality is unmatched. Bose is known for their reputation with high quality sound and customers agree that these earbuds are more intense and comfortable than other in-ear brands. For these reasons, this would be a smart purchase for the price tag as the technology is built to last.

1. Apple AirPods Max, $549

Finally, we have the best bass earbuds on the market, the Apple AirPods Max. There is no denying that these headphones are the most expensive on this list and one of the most expensive options out there. However, reviewers swear by the sound and fit of these AirPods that make them unlike anything on the market. Not only do they come with active noise cancellation and transparency mode, but they also have personalized spatial audio and ultra-low distortion for the best sound experience.

These headphones will last much longer than the others listed with 20 hours of battery after one charge. Reviewers say that these over-the-ear headphones are more comfortable than most because the cushion is soft and made with memory foam. They do not apply too much pressure when worn, which is important if you want to wear them throughout the day.

With this purchase, you’ll get 6 months free of Apple Music. Color options include the silver, which is shown here, space gray, pink, green, and sky blue. Unlike any of the previous options, you can actually get a free engraving to personalize your AirPods Max if you buy directly from Apple. We recommend doing this because you can also get Apple Care to protect them from damage since they are so expensive. If it’s within your budget, it’s definitely worth considering these high-end headphones.

#1 Best bass earbuds for the price

After rounding up these top 10 best bass earbuds for every budget, it’s time to narrow down the number one choice for the price. Our winner and best bang for your buck is the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Earbuds. The audio quality is the absolute best for its price point. The ability to customize your listening experience is unbeatable and they are currently on sale at Target for $196.95.

While these earbuds check our boxes for price and audio, they might not be for everyone. It’s important to narrow down if you want corded or wireless headphones and if you want in-ear or over-the-ear in terms of wearability. From there, we have a wide variety of options for your budget, so you can make the best investment in yourself and your music.

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