2023 Best Ergonomic Keyboards


We found 3 keyboards with a range of prices and specializations

Best on a budget

Perixx Periboard-612

Cost $69.99

"It has the typical split key design, with the two keyboard halves arranged at comfortable angles on either side of a gentle convex slope in between."

Best on a budget

Best for gaming?

Best in Gaming

Perixx Periboard-612

Cost $219.00

Best in gaming

"Anyone can find value in this model, even if just to add some colorful flare to your desktop, but there’s a lot of added functionality geared specifically towards pro-gamers..."

Best overall keyboard?

Logitech ERGO K860

Best Overall

Cost: $129.00

Best Overall

"The key array is split down the middle and splayed to the sides for more natural hand positioning, and also curved along the rows of subtly scooped keys, to flow with the shape and arc of your fingertips."

Which one is your favorite?