Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Monitor Review: A Massive Screen For A Serious Gamer

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 49-inch ultrawide 4k monitor is an excellent choice for gamers who are looking for the highest level of experience.

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However, any gamer who does want the Odyssey Neo G9 will need deep pockets, as the screen costs a whopping $1,499+. The big question is, is it worth it? Find out below:

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Monitor
(Credit: Amazon)

Features Include:

  • A 49-inch Samsung Mini LED Quantum Matrix screen.
  • An aspect ratio of 32:9 for incredible resolutions.
  • Support for NVIDIA G-Sync and AMC FreeSync Premium Pro
  • 240hz refresh rate and 1ms response time
  • Adjustable stand allowing for swivel, tilt, and height adjustment. It can even be wall-mounted (VESA).

Display Performance

  • The 1ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate ensure that there is no lag between the image on the screen and the user’s inputs.
  • The curved screen gives users a more ergonomic perspective of the screen and ultimately, the gaming world.
  • Thanks to the Mini-LED backlighting of the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, the monitor supports Quantum 2000 HDR on its VA panel. The monitor is bright enough to overcome glare in the majority of rooms. Overall, the monitor’s maximum brightness is 420 cd/m2.
  • Keep in mind that the maximum refresh rate on the monitor at 240Hz can only be capped over DisplayPort 1.4 and only with a video card that supports Display Stream Compression (DSC).

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Display Experience

  • The Neo G9 comes with NVIDIA Gsync and AMD FreeSync, so you can game on any GPU and receive super-smooth pictures no matter what.
  • Also, the Neo provides a striking display design optimized for smooth usage. Either way, you look at it, this monitor delivers realistic graphics thanks to its sRGB gamut range and 90% DCI-P3 support.
  • The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 has a high contrast ratio and its VA panel excels at increasing the dynamic range by lowering unnecessary light bleed.

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Portability and Build Quality

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9
Credit: Samsung Odyssey G9
  • Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 build quality is superb. The casing is made of high-quality plastic with a solid stand that’s capable of supporting such a large screen (32 pounds).
  • For connectivity, it features two HDMI 2.1 ports, an upgraded, dual-format variant from the previous model’s HDMI 2.0, and one DisplayPort 1.4 port.
  • To control the display, you get a joystick and three sticks under the hood on the right of the monitor. These buttons are beneficial to control the device manually and set up this beast for color calibration.

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Is The Neo G9 Worth Buying?

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is the best super-ultrawide monitor ever made…


  • Vibrant and bold colors
  • Widescreen curved display
  • Good motion handling
  • Fantastic response and speed


  • Very expensive at $1,499

Overall, it delivers excellent HDR, enhances the contrast fourfold compared to the predecessor, and provides excellent motion clarity at nearly every refresh rate.

The only downside to the Samsung Odyssey New G9 is the price. Yet, if you can look beyond that, the G9 is definitely Nerdable Recommended.