When LEGO unveiled their new line-up targeting adults, one set stood out as a possible future collectible:

And that set was the miniature replica of a legendary 1970s Fender Stratocaster guitar and 65 Princeton reverb amplifier:

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A Future Collectible?

Some things never go out of fashion, for instance, amazing rock music. And this LEGO mini 1970 Fender Stratocaster walks the line across three collector interests: Toys, Rock, & LEGO.

So how do we know this will be a future collectible?

  • We can predict that this LEGO set will have future editions, yet collectors will want v1 and this is it. So a pristine boxed version could be valuable to the right collectors in the future.
  • A big question is, how saturated will the market be? Sadly, a lot of people are probably going to pick this set up – but how many will be able to resist having what is a great looking piece of LEGO on their shelves? Not many. And because of that, in 20-plus years, when the forty-somethings hit their sixties, this will undoubtedly have appeal. And if you can keep it boxed and in your family for 50-ish years, come 2070, it may have a lot more value.
  • Additionally, if you can get a collection of famous guitarists to sign the box who played a 70s Fender Stratocaster, the value might just sky-rocket.

For a $99 investment now, on top of 20-to-50 years of patience, this LEGO set could be worth a fortune if kept sealed and has signatures.

Available from now for $99.

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About The LEGO Set?

This particular LEGO set has 1074 individual policies and is available in a red or black design. It features six strings, a whammy bar, a cloth strap, and tuning pegs. The amplifier has a panel that can be removed to show electronics under its hood.

For those of you not familiar with this particular guitar, the Fender Stratocaster is a model of electric guitar that was designed back in the 1950s by Leo Fender. The guitar is more commonly referred to as the Strat.

The guitar became popular back in the mid-1950s for its distinctive body shape. This shape is what we commonly think of when we talk about electric guitars. This LEGO set is a replica of a 1970s version of the Fender Stratocaster.

The guitar set itself measures about 14 inches long and 4 inches wide with a thickness of about 1 inch. Other things included with the guitar box are a sticker of the Fender Logo built with LEGO bricks that you can put on your guitar. There is also a foldable display stand for your LEGO guitar.

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Other LEGO Instruments?

LEGO already has a musical instrument collection set that has instruments like trumpet, flute, saxophone, guitar, double bass, cello, harp, and electric guitar. The musical instrument collection set also comes with a pair of maracas, a keyboard and piano, and a microphone. You can make your own LEGO band with this set.

This unique LEGO set for music lovers costs $99.99 and is rated for 18 and older users, so make sure it stays away from small children. You can also expect to get 650 VIP points when you buy the Fender Stratocaster set from

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