This is the Most Expensive Slime You Can Buy

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Slime has stolen the hearts of children and adults everywhere. The gooey and stretchy texture has become a fidget toy on its own with less noise, but more mess. What started as a cute little project for kids during off hours of the day has turned into a business run by young adults.

While slime only takes a few cheap ingredients, like contact solution, glue, and some food coloring, slimes have become pricier as the years go on. But what is the most expensive slime? Kids started their business by selling slime globs for around $2 each but quickly grew into creating vibrant and decorative slimes with more add-ins and ingredients. Some even go above and beyond the average $6 to $8 value, like these most expensive slimes.

6. Sloomoo Institute Crazy Cake Shake Slime, $28

Credit: Sloomoo Institute

5. Momo Slimes Melon Pan, $44.99

Credit: Momo Slimes

4. Forever Wick Candle Co. Diamond Slime, $46

Credit: Forever Wick Candle Co.

3. Dope Slimes Custom Slime, $47

Credit: Dope Slimes

2. Rodem Slimes Hot Summer Smoothie, $48.97


1. Peachybbies Discontinued Crystal Quartz Cake, $135

Credit: eBay – littlemissness7

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