5 Most Expensive Drones: Professional Big Budget Technology

most expensive drones
Credit: Unsplash

The drone market continues to grow, fragmenting into different specialist markets, from stunt flight to stunning aerial photography, and beyond. However, some people and industries need special and powerful drones. These are often the most expensive drones built for very specific goals. Listed below are five of the most expensive drones you can buy.

5. DJI Mini 2, $632

Credit: DJI Store

4. XactSense MAX-8, $20,000

Credit: XactSense

3. Freefly Alta Octocopter, $21,000

Credit: Aerialworx

2. Airborne Drones: Vanguard, $45,000

Credit: RCDrone

1. XactSense Titan, $120,000

Credit: XactSense

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