Most Valuable Glass Art Ever Made

Glass Art, Unsplash

Glass art is a wide range of items. Most of the glass art we see in our day-to-day lives comes from vases or stained windows. But for collectors, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Diving deep into the most valuable glass art, there is so much more to look at. From lamp shades from well-known company Tiffany Studios to artists like Rene Lalique, these valuable glass art pieces are stunning against the light and as accessories.

5. Tiffany Studios Flame Table Lamp, $355,600

Credit: Sotheby's

4. Rene Lalique Art Nouveau Glass Brooch, $566,500

Credit: Christie's

3. Thomas Stearns La Sentinella di Venezia, $737,000

Credit: Thehotbid

2. Mamluk Gilded and Enamelled Glass Bowl, $952,000

Credit: Sotheby's

1. Tiffany Studios Mosiac Lotus Lamp, $2.8 Million

Credit: Christie's

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