Ranking Grogu From “The Mandalorian” vs. Disney’s Cutest Characters

Disney's Cutest Characters Grogu / Baby Yoda
Credit: Disney Plus / Disney / Lucasfilm

The responsibility of ranking the cuteness of Grogu/Baby Yoda vs. other Disney characters was given to my wife and daughter. They are far more qualified than the Star Wars-biased man-children working at Nerdable.

This ranking, despite being done by two people that loathe Star Wars and love Disney, is the closest to impartial we can achieve. To get their opinion, scenes from The Mandalorian were played, pictures were shown, and then they compiled the following list — my Star Wars fanaticism ignored.

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10. Olaf, Frozen series

Disney+ Olaf from Frozen
Credit: Disney

My wife has a teddy of Olaf, and Frozen was the first movie she watched on Disney Plus despite already seeing it countless times at the theatre and on Blu-Ray. So, how this little snowman ended up at No. 10 baffles me.

9. Bullseye, Toy Story 2, and beyond

Disney+ Bullseye from Toy Story 2
Credit: Disney

What’s happening? I’m a betting man, and my money was Bullseye or Olaf would be top of this list. I’m a 350-lb, 6’2″ burly bloke and even I think Bullseye is cute. So, despite being big Toy Story fans (wife loves Forky), Bullseye just about makes these rankings.

8. Winnie the Pooh

Disney+ Winnie the Pooh
Credit: Disney

The lovable soft-spoken bear, who my wife has several ornaments of, ranks at No. 8. I knew someone from Pooh’s stories would make the rankings, but my money was on Piglet. Perhaps now we can declutter some of the ornaments (wife says “no chance”).

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7. Chip, Beauty and the Beast

Disney+ Chip from Beauty and the Beast
Credit: Disney

Personally, I don’t get it. It’s a cup. However, both my wife and daughter give Chip the thumbs up. They both adore the original Disney version, and although they find the updated 2017 version funnier, the earlier cartoon version is cuter (apparently).

6. Dumbo

Disney+ Dumbo
Credit: Disney

Finally, this is one ranked cute character I understand. Dumbo, the big-eared elephant is loved by all, and despite most of Disney’s remakes, their reimagining of the character remained just as cute as the original.

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5. Pascal, Tangled

Disney+ Pascal from Tangled
Credit: Disney

I skipped Tangled; there are only so many princesses and fairy tales I can take before unplugging from Disney Plus. Until this list, I had no idea who Pascal was. However, as a big fan of reptiles, this is one of Disney’s cutest and if this was my list, the little fella would be second.

4. Pua, Moana

Disney+ Pua from Moana
Credit: Disney

Back in 2016, I stood in line at the Disney store because the only thing my wife and daughter wanted was Pua plushies. Those plushies still take pride of place in my bedroom and my daughter’s bedroom. As both my wife and daughter love pigs, Pua not being in the top spot is a shock.

3. Nemo, Finding Nemo

Disney+ Nemo from Finding Nemo
Credit: Disney

Nemo is not cute, and despite my best efforts to get them to reconsider this character’s rank, I failed. Their reasoning is that in Finding Nemo he’s innocent and sweet, while in Finding Dory he’s brave, and that makes him even cuter. However, my opinion has changed since seeing the above picture. Damn, that fish is cute.

2. Baby Pegasus, Hercules

Disney+ Baby Pegasus from Hercules
Credit: Disney

Hercules is my all-time favorite Disney cartoon. I hate musicals, but even I end up singing along to this movie. It’s embarrassing, yet it is a reaction that cannot be stopped. This is 100 percent my daughter’s pick: unicorns, flying horses, and anything related, she adores.

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1. Grogu/Baby Yoda, The Mandalorian

Disney+ Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian
Credit: Disney

My wife says Baby Yoda reminds her of Kermit the Frog: a fuzzy peach, and a “little-wittle-baby” (exact words). My daughter just makes an “awwwwww” noise every time Disney’s cutest character moves an inch.

This ranking of the cuteness of Grogu/Baby Yoda vs. other Disney characters clears up two things: #1. Why I got a Baby Yoda t-shirt several sizes too small for me at Christmas, and #2. why my daughter keeps taking the badly knitted mascot (amazing what you can get off eBay) from my desk.