Funko Digital Pop!: The Next Big Craze In NFTs

Funko, the Washington-based toy and figurine maker, has gone digital with the announcement of an NFT collection called the Funko Digital Pop!:

This announcement came right after Funko confirmed they were buying a majority stake in TokenWave. Token Wave is a crypto technology-based company that is the developer of Token Head, a mobile application that people can use to show and track NFTs.

These NFTs will be called Digital Pops and will be offered in packs that start from $9.99.

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Funko Packs & Prices

For people that are lost, Funko is known for making toys and figurines. And these toys range from a variety of characters, including Marvel movie characters, famous pop culture characters, and even original characters.

Funko was known for these physical figurines. But now, Funko is also doing digital collections using the power of the blockchain. And they are gamifying the system by adding the chance to win a physical Pop! If you purchase a digital pack.

The first collection to be introduced in their Digital Pop! lineup will feature the infamous Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. It will include characters like Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Shredder. The pack starts at $9.99, and you get five Digital Pop! collectibles in one pack.

There is also a more premium pack for $29.99 that has a pack of 17 collectibles inside. These Pops or a digital card will also vary in rarity from common to the highest rarity type called grail.

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Redemption Coins

Users buying Funko’s Digital Pop! collection also have the chance to win a redemption coin which they can use to redeem physical figurines. These will be rare, and the user will have 30 days to redeem this coin for a physical figurine.

The important thing to note is that the current owner of the NFT can redeem the coin and not the original buyer.

All of this will be done on the WAX blockchain. Funko has already posted a detailed guide on how their NFTs will work and how they will use the WAX blockchain to make their NFTs.

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Buying Funko NFTs?

People are looking to buy their Digital Pops! Will need to open a Wax account. People will be able to directly buy the Digital Pops! Via a credit card, but they will need a Wax wallet if they need to buy, sell, trade their NFTs.

In fact, users will also need the Token Head application to track the NFTs they buy from Funko. Token Head can be downloaded from both the iOS App store and the Google Play store – and it currently holds more than 10 million NFTs and has more than 100,000 thousand visits per day.

You can head to for more details on the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle NFT pack they plan to release soon.

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