5 Best Vertical Monitors In 2022

Best Vertical Monitors
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Most people use their monitors in landscape mode, yet, some people who have specific needs, find it better to have vertical monitors.

Although almost any monitor on the market can be mounted vertically, the top-5 monitors on this list can rotate vertically with the supplied stand.

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These are the best vertical monitors in 2022:

ASUS VG27AQ-G, From $299

Best Vertical Monitors
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The ASUS VG27AQ-G is a versatile laptop that excels in gaming. This monitor features a fast refresh rate and G-Sync for smooth motion in panoramic, portrait orientation gaming without bothersome screen tearing. Additionally, the 1ms reaction time provides minimum ghosting.

Additionally, the VG27AQ-G includes several helpful productivity tools. Due to its 99 percent, sRGB coverage is an excellent choice for picture editing and graphic design. Further, ASUS’ Eye Care blue light filtering can help alleviate eye tiredness associated with extended periods of coding, reading, or writing.

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Utilizing the VG27AQ-capabilities G’s entails essentially vertical, panoramic gameplay. This monitor is suitable for ordinary office tasks. Justifying the purchase becomes more difficult if you solely utilize it for productivity purposes. If you’re looking for one of the top vertical monitors on the market right now, this is your best bet.

VIEWSONIC XG2705-2K, From $370

Best Vertical Monitors
(Credit: Amazon)

While the ASUS VG27AQ-G is an outstanding monitor in general, its G-Sync Compatible function may be unnecessary if running an AMD GPU. If you’re looking for a convincing alternative to FreeSync, consider the Viewsonic XG2705-2K.

The X2705-2K has a high refresh rate, a quick reaction time, and a bezel-free design ideal for panoramic gaming. Although the highest refresh rate is somewhat lower than the ASUS (144Hz vs. 165Hz):

You’re unlikely to notice the 21Hz difference. Second, 144 FPS at 1440p is already challenging in recent titles, so you’re unlikely to gain from the ASUS’s additional Hz.

LG 27UN850-W, From $380

Best Vertical Monitors
(Credit: Amazon)

The LG 27UN850-W is our pick for the best vertical monitor for work and productivity. This monitor’s 4K resolution and IPS panel are ideal for professional jobs and multitasking. LG’s OnScreen software is the 27UN850-W’s trump card, as it enables you to use the 27UN850-W’s 4K resolution fully.

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OnScreen is a multi-purpose application that allows you to manage your display. It enables you to connect up to four separate devices and divide the display across them. The software has many screen splitting options and a picture-in-picture mode for organizing several windows.

ACER CB272 BMIPRX, From $150

Best Vertical Monitors
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If you’re looking for a budget-priced 27-inch monitor and aren’t too concerned about gaming performance, the Acer CB272 is worth checking out. It’s a simple monitor, but it gets the job done.

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It features a “Zero Frame” design with minimum bezels, allowing you to position it comfortably next to your primary display. Additionally, Acer’s blue-light reduction mode, VisionCare, is available if you want monitor-side control over software choices.

The 75Hz refresh rate falls short compared to high-end monitors, however, a 1 ms reaction time with AMD FreeSync does help gaming and productivity.

LG 24GN650-B, From $196

Best Vertical Monitors
(Credit: Amazon)

The LG 24GN650-B is an excellent vertical display if you’re in the market for a 24-inch monitor. Although gaming is its primary focus, there are a few non-gaming elements to enjoy.

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This monitor’s small bezel and fully adjustable stand make it ideal for a panoramic gaming setup. Smaller bezels create a more seamless appearance, and the adjustable supports facilitate the arrangement of many monitors.

Apart from gaming, the 99 percent sRGB color gamut coverage and HDR 10 compatibility are excellent bonuses. This monitor’s brightness and color richness make it perfect for media consumption. Although there are superior options for photo-specific work, the LG Ultragear is the best 24-inch option available.