7 Weirdest National Holidays: From Hobbits To Toothache

Weirdest National Holidays
Credit: Achim Thiemermann / pixabay.com

Next time you need a day off, instead of the usual fake cough over the phone, why not try using one of the weirdest national holidays as an excuse? For example, “I cannot come to work today because it is national Hobbit Day…”

We’re not saying it’ll work, but at least if your boss checks online to see if it’s real, they’ll find that it is. Just expect lots of questions next time you’re at work – and probably a written warning!

National Clean Your Desk Day – January 10

(Photo: Jordan Fischer / Wiki Commons)

National Clean Your Desk Day is celebrated on January 10 as a symbol of preparing your workplace for a new year and a new start.

This day is not just about cleaning your desktop and workplace physically but also cleaning it internally by removing extra files and getting rid of extra material from your drawer.

You can celebrate this day by decluttering your workspace getting rid of material that you no longer need. Don’t use this one to get a day off work – it’ll definitely back fire.

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National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – January 31

This could be the weirdest national holiday going – but one of the best. National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is a celebration of the joy that is popping bubble wrap:

Yet it really is that simple (and obvious).

It is celebrated on January 31. It was started when a radio station unwrapped their new microphone and started popping bubbles on air while it was being listened to – and it was loved by millions.

This day is now celebrated by throwing eccentric parties where everything gets bubble wrapped – and ultimately popped.

National Toothache Day – February 9

(Photo: Eric Christensen / Wiki Commons)

The worst and weirdest national holiday ever. One of the most severe aches anyone can have is toothache and to celebrate this unbearable ache, February 9th has become National Toothache day:

(Why anyone would want to celebrate this is insane, unless $$$ loving dentists).

Unsurprisingly, the reason behind celebrating this day is unknown. Yet, most people celebrate it by visiting their dentists and making sure that all is well with their teeth.

Perhaps it’s a gentle reminder to take good care of your teeth before toothache kicks in. Who knows, but this is one weird national holiday that we’ll be skipping.

National Open an Umbrella Indoor Day – March 13

While opening an umbrella outdoors is a common thing, opening an umbrella indoors is both weird and bad luck (if you’re into that sort of thing).

On March 13, if an indoor umbrella opening is your thing, you can, and you’ll have a good excuse (well an excuse). As this day is celebrated to check the superstition that opening an umbrella indoors will bring bad luck.

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National No Dirty Dishes Day – May 18

Weirdest National Holidays
(Photo: Image by Achim Thiemermann from Pixabay)

Cleaning dishes every day is important but on National No Dirty Dishes Day it is the most important thing. May 18 is unofficially celebrated as National No Dirty Dishes Day – and is a date where you have to make sure that there are no dirty dishes in your kitchen or anywhere else.

It is considered to be a fun activity and is celebrated by some young Americans as a reminder of how important it is to clean your dishes.

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Hobbit Day – September 22

September 22 is celebrated as National Hobbit Day in recognition of J.R.R Tolkien’s most amazing and loveable characters.

Tolkien introduced hobbits as shy yet courageous characters who were dragged into adventures. Hobbits have fans from all over the world, and while this weird national holiday is celebrated by only die-hard fans, it is the perfect excuse to take a day off and go on your own little adventure.

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National Dogs in Politics Day – September 23

Weirdest National Holidays
(Photo: U.S. National Archives)

Dog lovers of the United States celebrate dogs in politics on September 23, And White House Dogs have always attracted attention from the public and even swayed voters in the polls.

This day is specially celebrated in memory of President Richard Nixon’s Dog, Checker who touched millions of hearts when the President alluded to him while his television address on September 23, 1952.

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