7 Top-Rated Underwater Drones

Underwater Drones
Credit: Katemcgarry / Wiki Commons

Underwater drones cost a lot in comparison to most enthusiast-level aerial drones, so it is important to know what you’re renting or buying is worth the money:

This list of 7 top-rated, tried, and tested tech, will help you make the right choice in 2021 and beyond.

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7. Deep Trekker REVOLUTION

One of the most expensive underwater drones in the market, the Deep Trekker REVOLUTION is a tethered professional drone that can dive up to 305 meters:

Priced anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000, depending on the additional tech you want to purchase.

For the entry-level price, you get a solid and durable body, the ability to operate in rougher waters, 4k video, and low-light camera tech.

It also comes with a 4k video camera which can capture excellent underwater footage.

The controller includes a 7-inch screen for live footage and the camera can be rotated 260 degrees independently of the drones directly.

The biggest plus is that this drone is modular, meaning you can equip it with various sensors and add-ons.

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6. iBubble Notilo Plus

Belonging to the professional category of drones, the iBubble Notilo Plus is a wireless drone priced at $4,500:

This innovative drone can follow a diver and is known by the company as the personal underwater camera person.

Powered by seven motors, this underwater drone can go 60 meters deep and has autonomous modes while recording video.

It comes with a waterproof bracelet controller for divers to control the drone as they swim.

(It is also possible to pilot the drone from the surface).

5. ThorRobotics 110ROV

Costing $1,380, the ThorRobotics 110ROV is one of the fewer underwater drones with a grabber arm.

With a robotic arm and four powerful thrusters, this is a traditional underwater explorer robot:

It can be controlled through a 100-meter cable, and the thrusters provide it with sufficient force to direct the robot arm and pick up objects from underwater.

You can record in 4K ultra HD or stream HD live feed. It also comes complete with two 300 lumen LEDs.


4. Mito Navatics


Priced at $2,000, this tethered underwater drone is one of the most stable 4K underwater drones available, owing to the advanced active stabilization system.

This is a recreational underwater drone with a 4K camera that can live stream video at HD, or take high-resolution stills.

The drone comes with a waterproof communication buoy and allows you to control it even from 500 meters away.

It has two 1000 lumen LED lights and a battery life of four hours with its swappable battery. 

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3. Chasing Innovation Gladius Mini

The Chasing Innovation Gladius Mini is said to be the best value for money when it comes to underwater drones, but it is still priced at around $1,500.

The prominent feature of this drone is the five thrusters that provide tilt control.

Some of the smart features of this underwater drone include a depth lock and 64GB of storage for recording. The five thrusters help tilt the body up or down and make the drone quick to respond to your controls.

The 1200 lumen headlights and the 4K Ultra HD camera are also perfect for enthusiasts.

2. Geneinno Poseidon

With a battery life of 300 minutes, the Geneinno Poseidon is relatively expensive for one of the older underwater drones on this list:

Available for $1,700 new, the drone has a great camera fitted with a wide-angle 120-degree lens and offers an awe-inspiring 1080 pixel live video feed at 30 frames per second.

With 1200 lumen LED lights, the drone provides great visibility underwater.

This is a tethered drone that can reach depths of around 120 meters, with 50 meters and 100 meters options of cable lengths. The drone is connected to a supplied Wi-Fi buoy.

One of the prominent features of the Poseidon is its very long battery life, as it can operate for up to five hours underwater before needing a charge.

1. PowerVision PowerRay

Touted to be the best all-around underwater drone, the PowerVision PowerRay has a 230 feet (70 meters) cable that rests behind two horizontal props to propel the drone.

In addition, the body has a central vertical thruster. With two dimmable 450 lumen headlights, the PowerRay’s lights are strong enough to illuminate any subject underwater.

The drone comes with 32 or 64GB SD storage, though you can also insert your memory card.

The drone is available in two options – the PowerRay Explorer that is the basic video shooting drone. The other is the PowerSeeker Sonar Device, which is far more advanced and can easily detect any underwater landscape and use temperature data to identify fishing hotspots.

The PowerVision PowerRay is priced around $1,900, with a battery life of 240 minutes.

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