Thanos vs. Kratos: Super-Villain Versus PlayStation Icon

Thanos vs. Kratos

Thanos vs. Kratos has sparked a heavy debate on the internet. What started as a major fan theory has now emerged as a major debate.

A fan posted a photo of Thanos vs. Kratos on Twitter with a caption, “A fight to death who is winning??” Within minutes, the post went viral leading to a heated debate:

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Which Thanos Is In The Fight?

Thanos is the Mad Titan and Kratos is the God of War, they are a good match in terms of power, ferocity, and the ability to harness mystical artifacts.

Marvel fans already know that Thanos is much more powerful in comics as compared to the Avenger movie series. So this debate is purely about the movie Thanos.

A fan has also posted the Video of Thanos crushing Hulk like a three-year-old baby, arguing that Thanos is the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The Power Debate

Some fans have argued that Thanos is nothing without the Infinity Stones and that all of his power comes from those stones. This is a substantial argument as we have seen the Avengers easily kill Thanos in the movie “Endgame” after the stones are crushed.

God of War fans also jumped into the debate saying that Kratos has defeated Gods who are much bigger and more powerful than Thanos. Some even listed the achievements of Kratos to prove him more powerful than Thanos:

These achievements include leading a Spartan Army at a young age, Killing powerful Gods and Titans, coming back from Hell three times, and killing the Sisters of Fate:

(Kratos has clearly been busy during the several PlayStation games he has been the protagonist of).

Kratos fans also believe that Kratos is a god-killer and Thanos, even with the infinity stones does not stand a chance in front of Kratos. Additionally, Kratos came back from death – which makes him truly immortal.

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How To Decide The Debate?

The only way to wrap up this debate is to compare the weapons of these super-villains. Kratos’ shield is far more powerful than any of the metal in Marvel Universe let alone the Vibranium used by Captain America or Black Panther. Even the Power Infinity Stone will not work in front of Kratos’ shield.

Moreover, Kratos also holds the power to control the time that will eliminate Thanos’ Time Stone as a weapon against Kratos. As already mentioned, Kratos has defeated the Sisters of Fate and so the Reality stone and Soul Stones will also be of no use to Thanos in the battle.

In conclusion, the movie Thanos does not stand a chance in this battle without the infinity stones, and even with them the mad titan is likely a loser vs. Kratos…

However, if this was the comic book Thanos, with Infinity Stones, this debate would be over before it started (with Thanos the victor).

Who do you think would win this fight to the death, Thanos vs. Kratos? Tell us in the comments below.
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