Marvel vs DC: The Most Successful Movies From Each Comic Studio

Marvel vs DC - Avengers Endgame
Credit: Marvel Studios

It really does seem to be Marvel vs DC when it comes to the big screen:

With movies like “Godzilla vs King Kong” desperate to topple that monopoly in popularity as Marvel and DC prepare for their next waves.

Rest assured, the Marvel vs DC box office domination will continue:

First up in our battle is the most popular Marvel movie vs. the most popular DC movie:

(Our popularity is measured on box office numbers only).

Marvel: Avengers Endgame – $2.79 Billion

Disregarding inflation, the biggest Marvel box office – and also the biggest box office in the history of cinema is “Avengers Endgame“, directed by the Russo brothers.

It cost approximately $356 million to make, which is massive – but its $2.79 billion return is a sign of the movies popularity and the audience Marvel has.

This is the benchmark all other comic book-inspired movies will be compared to. With its huge earnings and an amazing rating of 8.4 on IMDB.

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DC Universe: Aquaman – $1.1 Billion

Directed by James Wan, “Aquaman” released in theatres in 2018 and tried to replicate the action-comedy Marvel was delivering in its Cinematic Universe.

For extra appeal, it starred an actor with a growing fanbase, Jason Momoa. From Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones” to Declan Harp in “Frontier” and Baba Voss in “See”:

Yet, it still only managed a 6.9 rating on IMDB.

Aquaman cost $160 million, grossed $1.1 billion, and is the best performing movie in the DC Universe.

In the fight Marvel vs DC, it is already 1-0.

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Marvel: Avengers Infinity War – $2 billion

Fifth on the list of highest-grossing movies in history is “Avengers Infinity War”.

(Yes, we were surprised too).

And that surprise isn’t because the movie is bad, in fact, out of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is our favorite because it leaves the biggest cliffhanger:

And we’re not alone in thinking it is a good movie – it earned a rating of 8.4 on IMDB just like “Avengers Endgame”.

The movie cost $321 million and grossed $2 billion worldwide, making it the second highest-grossing film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

DC Universe: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

From script holes to Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor’s characterization, this movie was picked apart once it was released:

Whatever DC’s plan was when it came to their Superman, Batman, and Justice League adaptation’s, it didn’t resonate with fans.

Perhaps after the amazing Batman trilogy from Christopher Nolan, expectations were set too high by fans?

Regardless, the movie only managed a rating of 6.4 on IMDB. Yet, it still grossed $873 million worldwide (and cost $250 million).

In the fight Marvel vs DC, the DC Universe is now 2-0 down.

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DC Universe: Wonder Woman – $822 million

“Wonder Woman” walked a tight rope between great action and comedic fun, and by doing this, director Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” made the second-highest rated DC Universe movie – behind “The Joker”.

Wonder Woman earned a rating of 7.4 on IMDB.

Yet, despite being a better movie than most of DC Universe’s recent efforts, its box office didn’t reflect that. Earning $822 million worldwide, less than the broken “Dawn of Justice”.

The highest-rated DC Universe movie is “The Joker”, which earned $1.07 billion at the box office and a whopping 8.5 rating on IMDB

A rating higher than “Avengers: Endgame”, but it had earnings less than “Aquaman”.

In the Marvel vs DC battle, Marvel definitely wins.