7 Weird Facts About Authors You May Not Know

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Authors often are seen as figures that are inhuman, bringing us life-changing pieces of literature and making a global impact with their words. However, they often have quirks about them that make them a little more human. Here are 7 weird facts about authors you may not know about. 

7. George Eliot Was Actually a Woman

George Eliot.
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6. Cormac McCarthy used the same typewriter for 50 Years

Cormac McCarthy.
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5. Jane Austen Almost Died at the Age of 7

Jane Austen.
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4. Percy Shelley was a Vegan

Percy Shelley
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3. Stephen King Has Triskaidekaphobia

Stephen King.
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2. Toni Morrison Didn’t Start Writing Until Her 30s

Toni Morrison.
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1. Maya Angelou was the first black woman to work as a cable car conductor in San Francisco.

Maya Angelou
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