5 Best Board Games For Couples

Board Games For Couples
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Busy lives often mean couples don’t spend the quality time together that they should. Yet, it is important to find time, and to spend it wisely:

For those moments when you want to do something a little different, if you’re up for a traditional challenge or a more modern strategy contest (or anything in between), why not try a board game?

These are the best board games for couples, but they can easily accommodate just good friends…

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The best board games for couples include:

5. Off-Topic, $30

Best Board Games For Couples
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While Off-Topic is marketed as an ‘adult party game,’ it is essentially a funnier version of Scattergories and is an excellent choice for your date night.

Roll a twenty-sided die to obtain a letter, such as “B.” Then, respond to amusing but relationship-building questions like “terrible baby names” or “bad tattoo ideas” by writing only responses that begin with the letter “B.” When the timer sounds, compare your responses and give yourself points for unique responses.

This card game is not exclusively for couples; it can accommodate up to eight players, making it a versatile addition to your game cabinet. You get all of the benefits of conversation-starting games without the intensity of romance. A fantastic choice in every way.

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4. Azul, $34

Azul is one-of-a-kind and visually stunning board game inspired by “azulejos,” vibrant Portuguese tiles inspired by Moorish design. Your mission is to decorate the royal palace of the king. You compete against other players by accumulating tiles and arranging them in predetermined patterns.

Azul is designed for 2-4 players, so you can play with your partner alone, as a double date, or with that awkward third-wheel friend. And with such vibrant colors and intricate patterns, no one will notice you forgot your date’s flowers.

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3. 7 Wonders: Duel, $28

Best Board Games For Couples
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When an exotic, romantic getaway is not possible, what better alternative than a city-building resource management game for two?

Seven Wonders: Duel is a two-player adaptation of Repos Productions’ leviathan 2010 board game, pitting a couple against one another in a race to build the most advanced civilization and accumulate the most points.

Players will progress through three eras, vying for victory through military or scientific advancement.

Additionally, you will need to begin construction on your four allotted Wonders, which will require meeting all prerequisites, gathering resources, and engaging in mind games.

Rather than simultaneously selecting cards, as in the original 7 Wonders, players take turns selecting face-up and face-down cards from a central collection.

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2. Dominion, $40

This is the best kingdom-building game, ideal for couples who enjoy developing kingdoms and thrones.

Dominion is one of the most famous deck-building games on the market and is an excellent introduction to deck-building mechanics for both new and seasoned players.

Playing this game with a partner encourages collaboration and creativity, ideal for relationship bonding. Each game is unique and exciting due to the infinite strategies and card combinations used.

1. Fog of Love, $46

This is a unique two-player game in which you explore how relationships begin, develop, and ultimately end – sometimes dramatically.

Players have to choose from a random selection of relationship objectives – whether their character is kind, manipulative,  intense, or any of a variety of other characteristics – which determines their ultimate win condition.

Throughout the game, player characters will encounter various situations that require them to make a choice, whether it’s as simple as whether to leave the toilet seat up or as complex as purchasing a property together.

Sometimes, both players will choose secretly and then compare their choices, whereas, in other scenarios, only one player will choose.