Apple Extends Self-Service Repair To M1 MacBooks

Apple Extends Self-Service Repair
Credit: Yagya Parihar / Wiki Commons / Apple

In a surprise announcement, Apple has said that if you own an M1 MacBook Air or Pro, you can now repair it yourself.

Apple’s self-service repair program which was announced towards the end of 2021 is slowly being made available to more devices. Users with the iPhone 12 and 13 series were the first beneficiaries of this program. The next beneficiaries are M1 MacBook owners.

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When Can You Self Repair An M1 MacBook?

Starting Tuesday, 23rd August, users with M1 MacBooks will now be able to do over a dozen repair types, including screen repairs, battery replacements, and more.

If you want to repair your M1 MacBook, Apple will now give you access to genuine parts that you can buy from Apple’s Self-service repair website.

On top of the genuine parts, Apple will also give you detailed repair manuals and the option to buy or hire the equipment required to do these repairs starting from $49.

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Using Apple’s Equipment

The equipment that Apple borrows you is the same as that used in the Apple stores to do the repairs. However, you can choose not to borrow the repair kits from Apple if you already have the necessary tools to do the repairs.

Apple only recommends its self-service repair program for users with experience in complex electronics repairs. For most users, going to the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Providers is the alternative Apple recommends.

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The Price Difference?

Shockingly, there is literally no difference in costs incurred if you used this program when compared to visiting the Apple Store.

The only people that could benefit from this program are those that own repair shops since they now have access to genuine Apple parts. Otherwise, if you think this program will save you a significant amount of money on your Mac or iPhone repairs, that’s not true.

While announcing the extension of this program to the M1 MacBooks, Apple also promised to roll out the program in more countries, starting with Europe by the end of this year. They also pledged to include additional Mac models in this program before the year ends.