Perfect Privacy Review: The VPN That Doesn’t Track You

Perfect Privacy Review

Perfect Privacy is as described, a privacy-driven Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Its primary value is that it screens your user information so that you don’t need to worry about the intrusive eyes of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or hackers that might be snooping on your internet activity:

You’re probably thinking, that is what all VPNs do. And you would be right. However, some VPNs keep a lot of log records which can include data about times when users connect to the server, and where those users have gone – but that’s not the case with Perfect Privacy as it has a no-logs policy:


And, despite its no-logs policy, it allows torrents the ability to pay online anonymously with crypto. The question is, is this extra privacy worth $13 monthly? Let’s find out!

Perfect Privacy VPN Review
Credit: Perfect Privacy

Features Include:

  • Multi-Hop VPN creating 4x encryption
  • No-logs policy
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption
  • NeuroRouting technology that ensures you are encrypted
  • TrackStop technology that blocks untrusted sources
  • Stealth VPN features, stopping Deep Packet Inspection
  • Kill Switch technology that ensures you are protected

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User Interference

  • Perfect Privacy delivers a simple, clean interface. This allows you to quickly connect and see the ping (or latency) time, download, and upload speeds across the available servers.
  • The magnifying glass next to each server will show your connection data. This ensures you know the speed and bandwidth while you’re active.
  • One of the features that sets Perfect Privacy apart, and we really appreciate this, is how they display your available bandwidth. Many VPNs on the market offer statistics such as network speeds and server load, but Perfect Privacy goes one step further by presenting these figures separately for each individual server location you are connected to.

Perfect Privacy In Details

1. Multi-Hop VPN

Its Multi-hop VPN connection is the key to maintaining your privacy while surfing the internet. What you need to do is connect to the first VPN server and then follow up by connecting with other servers.

Also, it’s easy to enable 3 or 4 hops but use in-app documentation if you ever have trouble getting it right as it’s possible you’ll forget how many hops you have enabled.

2. NeuroRouting

With NeuroRouting, you don’t have to work with individual servers anymore. This is a multi-hop VPN configuration that performs traffic analysis using a proprietary algorithm.

Honestly, this algorithm will automatically guide you to use the fastest available route and jump between multiple servers that are close to each other:

And, your IP address won’t be visible at any time as it’s being constantly changed. This feature can really help those who are in restrictive countries.

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3. TrackStop

This is Perfect Privacy’s tracker blocker. It’s very intuitive and can prevent all sorts of data from being collected about you as you surf the internet.

4. Stealth VPN

Perfect Privacy includes both VPN over SSL and SSH. As far as speed goes, Perfect Privacy boasts optimal speeds, but speeds can vary like with any VPN.

Some people using the SSH/SSL obfuscation option may experience slower connection speeds compared to other more secure VPN protocols available.

However, most users shouldn’t experience much of a slowdown at all if they have adequate bandwidth.

5. Perfect Privacy Filters

You can activate the following filters directly in your membership dashboard:

  • Privacy Protection: prevent your DNS leaks, protect your IP address and browse the internet securely.
  • Anti-fraud filter: Blocks over 45,000 known malicious domains and 20,000 phishing attacks daily.
  • Facebook filter: Blocks Facebook domains and their data trackers.
  • Google filter: Blocks Google domains (over 400 different domains).

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Is It Worth Checking Out?

If you want complete security online, a VPN is a must. However, there are lots of VPNs available and Perfect Privacy’s features make it suitable for people who want a higher level of privacy:

Whereas, if you are just looking for ways to stream a different region’s Netflix, the $13 monthly cost is high, as cheaper VPNs are available (and more suitable).

If you want top-level privacy and $13 monthly isn’t a problem, Perfect Privacy is definitely Nerdable Recommended. Find out more about Perfect Privacy on their website here.

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