Meta Now Allows Users To Post NFTs On Facebook And Instagram

NFTs on Facebook and Instagram
Credit: Meta

If you own a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), you can now share it with your friends and followers on Instagram and Facebook. Meta announced support for sharing collectibles, which include NFTs, on their platforms through their “Meta Newsroom” Twitter account.

Earlier in August, the social media giant introduced support for collectibles where Instagram users across 100 countries could share collectibles minted on the Flow blockchain or from wallets supporting the Ethereum or Polygon blockchains to their accounts. Users can now share collectibles on both social platforms (Facebook and Instagram).

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How To Share Your NFTs On Social Media?

Sharing your collectibles or NFTs will require you to connect your digital wallet to either Facebook or Instagram. However, the current version of this feature is only available for mobile apps.

You can’t connect your wallet to Facebook or Instagram through third-party browsers on your computer or smartphone. Meta could change this down the road, but for now, you will need a mobile app to connect your digital wallet.

The integration of NFTs into Facebook and Instagram is one of the approaches Meta is using to boost its future revenue, which for the first time dropped by 1% (year over year) according to their recent quarter announcements. It should also be noted that Meta already filled patents for Meta Pay, a payments platform that also supports trading a variety of digital tokens.

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Meta’s Move Into Crypto

Meta’s move to enter the crypto space started back in 2019 when the company created the libra coin. However, the project received serious backlash from legislators when Zuckerberg visited the capitol house to share with them the idea. The company canceled the project after almost all its partners pulled out after seeing this backlash.

Zuckerberg is very optimistic about the future of crypto and digital tokens and wants to ensure that his companies are not left behind. Of course, they also expect digital tokens to hugely impact trading in the Metaverse, which the company believes could be the future of social interactions on the internet.