WhatsApp Can Now Be Natively Installed On A Windows PC

Credit: pxhere.com

A new WhatsApp app is available for Windows PC users, and best of all, you don’t need your phone to be on to send or receive messages.

Before this, using WhatsApp on Windows required using a web-based desktop app, access to the app via web.whatsapp.com, and a phone that was online.

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Send And Receive Even While Your Phone Is Off

With the new app, which is natively designed for Windows and available on the official Windows App Store, you don’t even need to have your phone online to receive or send messages.

You just need to link your WhatsApp account to this desktop app, and all your messages will continue to come in, even if your primary WhatsApp device is offline or switched off.

Make Audio And Video Calls From Your Windows PC

Another significant inclusion is the option to make calls. You can now make audio and video calls if you are using a computer with a webcam, microphones, and speakers.

This option has not been available in the web version of the app before, which left making video and audio calls exclusive features of the mobile app.

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A Faster More Responsive Experience

WhatsApp also assured users that the native desktop app is faster and more responsive than the WhatsApp Web version. Its interface is also much cleaner and more intuitive.

However, it still maintains the same layout as WhatsApp Web, so don’t expect to find any major visual changes.

Despite the positives, WhatsApp for Windows still has a few limitations, including the inability to clear or delete chats if you use an iPhone as your primary device. The app also doesn’t allow you to call users with old versions of WhatsApp.

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Native WhatsApp For macOS Coming Soon

WhatsApp promised to bring the version of the native version of its messaging app to the Mac very soon. They haven’t specified the exact release date for the macOS version, but we should expect it to come in a couple of months.

WhatsApp recently launched the first beta of the app using Apple’s catalyst technology that allows developers to bring iOS apps directly to macOS.