5 Most Valuable New England Patriots Collectibles

5. Game-Worn Tom Brady Jersey

"(These) starting points in the tens of thousands of dollars... soaring into the hundreds of thousands"

4. Super Bowl LI Game-Used Football

"These prized relics command six-figure sums at auctions, making them highly sought-after by collectors worldwide".

3. 2001 Super Bowl XXXVI Championship Ring

"Authentic rings from this era routinely fetch prices in the hundreds of thousands of dollars"

2. Autographed Adam Vinatieri Kicking Cleats

"They are treasured possessions for those seeking to own a piece of Patriots history."

1. Autographed Tom Brady Rookie Card

"Only 100 copies in existence, it epitomizes rarity and demand, selling for a jaw-dropping $3 million at auction in 2021"