15 Tyreek Hill Rookie Cards That Catch a Glimpse of the Cheetah

tyreek hill rookie cards
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Known as “Cheetah” on the field, Tyreek Hill is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL right now, and possibly all-time. His speed and agility allow him to skirt past defenders in search of the end zone, and his performance has only increased since being traded to the Miami Dolphins in 2022. If you enjoy watching Hill on your TV, then grab one of these Tyreek Hill rookie cards in order to show your support in the off-season too.

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Everything You Need to Know About Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill is currently a wide receiver for the American football team the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. He was drafted in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft and played college football at Garden City, Oklahoma State, and West Alabama.

Hill started in Garden City, a community college in Kansas, and was a prospective junior recruit who was picked up by Oklahoma State. Only four months after debuting on the team, Hill was dismissed from both the track and football teams due to his arrest and guilty plea for domestic violence. Almost a year later, Hill reappeared in the college football lens when he joined the University of West Alabama.

Projected not to be chosen during the 2016 NFL Draft, it surprised many when Hill was chosen by the Kansas City Chiefs, who quickly squashed any disdain or questions about the previous domestic violence charge. He started as the punt returner, kick returner, and the fourth-string wide receiver for the team, but as the years continued, he not only earned the top spot playing wide receiver, but also earned the nickname “Cheetah” due to his quick speed on the field.

Since his recruitment, Hill has been selected to the Pro Bowl in each of his seasons in the league, won Super Bowl LIV with the Chiefs, and was named to the NFL 2010s All-Decade Team as a punt returner. He stayed with the Chiefs until 2022 when the Chiefs traded him to the Miami Dolphins for draft picks.

Ever since Hill has hit the Dolphins field, he has been able to put up incredible numbers, catching long passes from quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and running it into the end zone. If he continues to put up the numbers he is now, he might be able to achieve a 2,000-yard season, which has never been done in the Super Bowl era of the NFL.

Are Tyreek Hill Rookie Cards Valuable?

Since Hill is one of the most prominent players in the game, it makes sense that his cards are going to be quite valuable. But, don’t worry, as there are several variations and sets that are cheaper for the newer collector. If you are looking for signature pieces to add to your collection and have money to do it, then there are cards and even jersey swatches for that too.

Tyreek Hill Football Trading Card Variations

There are two main variations when it comes to football trading cards. Of course, there are different brands and series, but I am mostly talking about the differences in background colors and the featured photo. Some cards may feature a red, yellow, or multi-color background, while others might have prizm overlays that make the whole card shimmer.

For the photos, it depends on what the player is doing in the photo. In some of Hill’s photos, you’ll see him running the ball. Other times he’s in an athletic stance. It all depends on the type of card and what photo they use.

Most Valuable Tyreek Hill Rookie Cards

Check out our top five most valuable Tyreek Hill rookie cards:

5. Prizm Red Crystals #296, $800

Credit: eBay

Our first Tyreek Hill rookie card appears in our most valuable section, and it makes sense why this card is here. With the red border and crystalized overlay, Hill pops right off this background and looks like he is breaking out of a video game. He seems to be running or returning the ball in the photo, or possibly even practicing for the Chiefs. One thing’s for certain though, this rookie card carries a hefty price tag, but is still the cheapest in our most valuable lineup.

4. Prizm Tie-Dye #296, $900

Credit: eBay

Any rookie card collector who loves tie-dye will love this Select #296 Tyreek Hill rookie card. The background complements the player perfectly, allowing Hill to stand out on the card, but you still notice the tie-dye detailing around the border. This is a unique card that not everyone will have, so it makes sense that the price tag hovers around $900.

3. Select Premier Level Pink Prizm #170, $1,000

Credit: eBay

Though this is not my favorite color combination on the list by far, it will certainly stick out in your collection with the hot pink border around Hill. I almost wish that the border was a little smaller, just because it takes away from Hill and the scene he is in, but again, the card makes a statement with the color. This specific Tyreek Hill rookie card is the Select Premier Pink Prizm #170 card.

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2. National Treasures RC #TH, $3,000

Credit: eBay

Even though this is not a rookie card, I still think the swatches of the rookie’s jersey is super interesting. Tyreek Hill is no exception, even if I enjoy watching the Miami Dolphins, rather than the Chiefs which is where the jersey is from. Usually, these National Treasures will come with a unique piece of jersey signed by the player and often go for quite a bit of money just like this one at around $3,000.

1. Prizm Gold/10 #296, $3,500

Credit: eBay

The final card in our most valuable section is the Prizm Gold/10 #296 card, which I think is super sharp. Not only is gold (yellow) one of the colors of the Chiefs, but it complements the red jersey that Hill is wearing in the photo. Now you may notice that this photo of Hill on the card is repeated above, which clearly shows the different variations of a specific card. And since there are different variations, some go for more money, like this one.

Most Popular Tyreek Hill Rookie Cards

Check out our top five most popular Tyreek Hill rookie cards:

5. Select Concourse Silver Prizm #65, $100

Credit: eBay

As we move onto our most popular section, we start with the Select Concourse Silver Prizm #65 card, which looks quite sharp for not having many decorations. The silver background balances the red uniform, and gold and black detailing complete the Tyreek Hill rookie card. If you want a popular card that isn’t going to break the bank, maybe try finding this one for sale.

4. Select Concourse Tricolor Prizm #65, $190

Credit: eBay

The thing that really sells me on this Tyreek Hill rookie card is the tri-color background. Though we’ve seen the photo of Hill before in previous cards, the background is red, white, and orange/yellow, representing the Chiefs’ colors. I think the background really ties the whole card together, and it makes sense why this card is in the most popular list.

3. Prizm Silver #296, $200

Credit: eBay

Next up on our list is the Prizm Silver #296 Tyreek Hill rookie card, complete with a holographic tint that you can see in the photo. Though the background does not take away from the main photo, it does seem to be lacking some extra detail to make the card pop more. I think the holographic detailing really saves this card though, so it earns its spot as a popular card on the list.

2. Optic Pink #117, $250

Credit: eBay

The Optic Pink #117 card is a blast of color for sure. We get to see a new picture of Hill, this time it looks as if he is receiving a punt or kick to start the game again. Though the color does get a little loud, I really enjoy that the Chiefs logo is in the bottom right-hand corner. It allows the collectors who have tons of cards to quickly see what team the player was on when drafted and can help non-football watchers determine who the player is.

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1. Optic Orange Holo #117, $350

Credit: eBay

Last but not least on our most popular Tyreek Hill rookie cards list is the Optic Orange Holo #117. The color can be perceived as close enough to the team’s colors to really complement the uniform, but it also gives a sharp professional look to the card. And again, I enjoy having the team’s logo somewhere on the card, not just the name written out.

Cheapest Tyreek Hill Rookie Cards

Check out our top five cheapest Tyreek Hill rookie cards to add to your collection:

5. Rookies & Stars Green Parallel #240, $30

Credit: eBay

Finally, we have reached the section where new collectors can find cool rookie cards without breaking the band. Our first selection for the cheapest Tyreek Hill rookie cards is the Rookies & Stars Green Parallel #240. With a golden yellow design in the background, the Chief’s colors are appropriately highlighted throughout the card. What I enjoy most about this card is the section at the bottom, where you can see the team played for and the position.

4. Select Premier Level #170, $40

Credit: eBay

Our next selection is the Select Premier Level #170 Tyreek Hill rookie card. This is probably the card where Hill’s photo stands out the most, and that is due to the deep silver background color. Even though there is not a lot of detailing, I still think this card is sharp, and a perfect addition to a budding collection.

3. Optic Red & Yellow #117, $60

Credit: Mercari

Next on our list is the Optic Red & Yellow #117 rookie card, which is the best representation of the colors of the Kansas City Chiefs. I love the bright yellow and red lines striking through the card, and the logo on the bottom will always make me happy. If I were to get a Tyreek Hill rookie card right now, this one would be at the top of the list.

2. Optic Base #117, $70

Credit: Etsy

Similar to the previous card on our cheapest list, the Optic Base #117 has the colors of the Chiefs, but the colors are only matte, not metallic. I personally like the metallic cards better just because they give depth to the colors and image, but this card is a nice one to show to your friends.

1. Certified Rookies Mirror Orange #184, $80

Credit: eBay

The last card on both our cheapest and Tyreek Hill rookie cards list is the Certified Mirror Orange #184. Though I am not a terribly huge fan of the orange color, I do like the design and the logo in the bottom left-hand corner. Another thing that might make this card sharper is a holographic trim or film, but this card would still be a perfect addition to any football card collection you have.

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Tyreek Hill Cards Investment Potential

If Hill continues to have the season he currently has right now, not even talking about his career as a whole, he could make history in multiple ways. Tyreek Hill is an amazing wide receiver and player on and off the field and improves whatever offense he plays on, whether that be the Kansas City Chiefs or the Miami Dolphins. If you enjoy collecting football cards, you will want to invest in Tyreek Hill’s rookie cards, as his career will only go up from here.

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