Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite is known for having whacky skins. With Epic games constantly adding new options each season (see the latest Fortnite content here):

But even though Fortnite has new content coming in regularly, some skins have gotten the reputation of being sweaty. A sweaty skin refers to skins worn by those who are skilled at Fortnite.

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These are the most sweaty Fortnite skins right now:

10. Crystal Skin

The Crystal skin rose to fame after Bugha used this skin during the Fortnite World Cup in 2019. After Bugha won the tournament, this skin has been the choice of many tryhard and sweaty players. So next time you are killed by someone in a Crystal skin, you now know why.

9. Aura Skin

Aura’s rise to fame was also in 2019, right after its release. The skin became a quick fan favorite, mainly because a lot of high-level players and streamers were using it. The popularity of the skin grew to exponential levels as it appeared in ranked games worn by a lot of players.

8. Soccer Skins

The soccer skins were introduced to Fortnite after the FIFA World Cup in 2018. And when Fortnite introduced these skins, they became an instant hit with players. There are several soccer skins, and all of them are totally customizable, so you can make your own custom jersey.

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7. Renegade Raider Skin

The Renegade Raider is the true mark of the veteran in the Fortnite community. This is because this skin was released during the very early days of Fortnite. Any player that is wearing a Renegade Rider skin is considered a true Fortnite veteran. The rarity and the prestige behind this skin mean that a lot of sweaty Fortnite players like to wear this skin to show off.

This skin sold for 1,200 V bucks at launch and has never been sold in the Fortnite shop ever since.

6. Superhero Skins

The superhero skins were trendy when they first came out as they allowed players to make a customized version of themselves. But soon, some players figured out that they could get an edge by experimenting with some colors.

Single color customization like Green, black or white made it so that characters in the game are very hard to see. So soon after that, Superhero skins were considered sweaty skins that tryhard players loved to use.

5. Wildcat Skin

Wildcat is most probably the most expensive skin in Fortnite. This is because this skin came as part of the Nintendo Switch bundle. This means that you cant directly buy it from the Fortnite store with V bucks.

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4. Ghoul Trooper Skins

Similar to the case with the Renegade Raider skin, this skin is also from the really early days of Fortnite. It was one of the first event skins in Fortnite. And the players wearing this skin are marked as true veterans – despite new versions becoming available over time.

3. Elite Agent Skin

This skin is from the Season 3 Battle Pass, and since it is a battle pass exclusive, there is no chance of this skin making it back into the game. So players that have this skin can show that they have been in the game since the beginning.

The skin is also full black, another advantage of super sweaty players looking for an edge.

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2. Mogul Master Skins

The Mogul Master, like the soccer skins, is fully customizable. And a trendy choice among the sweaty community of Fornite. This skin was released in 2018 and cost 1,500 V bucks at the time. While it was rare back then, the Mogul Master skins are pretty common to see nowadays.

1. Test Dummy Skins

This skin became notorious for being the mark of a sweaty player. When it first came out, the Test Dummy had the thinnest waist of all skins. This meant that it was a lot harder to hit. And despite Epic Games fixing the hitboxes on this skin, it has still remained a top choice for sweaty players.

The Dummy goes for 1,200 V bucks, and you can grab it throughout the year.

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