5 Rarest Beanie Babies in 2024

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Who says stuffed animals aren’t a great collectible? Beanie babies are a classic example of cuteness overload in the world of collectibles. Created in 1993, they became a sensation quickly for both children and adults. They not only were good gifts but were great investment ventures.

But what are the rarest beanie babies 2024 has to offer? Whether you have these valuable beanie babies or are on the hunt to finish your extensive collection, these rare beanie babies are hard to come by and are worth thousands. From the adorable Batty the Bat to the rare Libearty, these are the 5 rarest beanie babies in 2024.

5. Batty the Bat, $10,000

Credit: eBay

4. Scorch the Dragon with Errors, $12,000

Credit: eBay

3. Tuffy the Terrier with Errors, $18,000

Credit: eBay

2. Libearty, $75,000

Credit: eBay

1. Princess Diana Bear, $500,000

Credit: eBay

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