What’s the Most Expensive Horse Ever Sold?

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Horses are arguably one of the most beloved creatures in history, as well as pricey. Which begs the question of which is the most expensive horse? Similar to dogs, horses are considered a best friend for many, as well as a useful tool.

The domestication of horses began thousands of years ago and has been an integral part of the development of civilization because of this, especially with travel and farming. But now, most horses aren’t being sold and purchased for agricultural purposes, but for racing. The most expensive horses ever sold are with the purpose of racing and showjumping, and these are the top five examples. 

6. Going Global, $10.2 Million

Credit: Horse and Hound

5. Totilas, $10.6 Million


4. Meydan City, $11.7 Million

Meydan City, The Street
Credit: The Street

3. Palloubet d’Halong, $15 Million

Palloubet d’Halong, Chronicle of the Horse
Credit: Chronicle of the Horse

2. The Green Monkey, $16 Million

The Green Monkey, Belmon, Thorough Bred Daily
Credit: Thorough Bred Daily

1. Fusaichi Pegasus, $60 Million

Fusaichi Pegasus, BloodHorse
Credit: BloodHorse

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