5 Ways Future States Changes The DC Comic Universe

Future States
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DC FUTURE STATES: Many years back when DC introduced its shared universe, fans had a mixed reaction:

Some were excited to see Superman and Batman together while others criticized it as being a shameless rip-off of Marvel.

After that, producers knew that they had to introduce bigger changes in the DC Universe to get ahead of fan’s expectations:

So, ‘DC Future States‘ was created.

With the Future States comic book series (38 comics to be precise) released from January 2021, DC is making big changes to its comic universe.

Here’s 5 ways Future States is about to change the DC universe:

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Time Leap In The Future

DC leaps into the future with its Future State series of comic books.

Such strategies have been tried before but in a strictly personal way. However, Future States is set in a time where heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are legends.

Additionally, these new superheroes will face more advanced villains in a world driven by technology and science.

New Advanced Villians

With the shift in superheroes, DC is introducing new advanced villains that will be far more powerful than the ones we’ve seen in the past.

However, they will link back to old villains and syndicates:

For example, the Legion of Doom is introduced in a new form – with Ultra Violent Lanterns joining their ranks.

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DC Future States
(Photo: DC Comics)

The DC Universe Gets New Leadership

With the introduction of new characters, leadership roles in the DC Universe will pass on to these new and young characters:

For example, the Bat-family will have new vigilantes to look after Gotham city. These new characters will continue from the legacy left by their predecessors.

However, introducing new characters is a bold move, and they have to be portrayed in such a manner that they became fan-favorites immediately.

Costume And Gear Changes

One way to make new characters fan favorites quickly is to introduce intriguing new costumes and gadgets that fit a future setting:

Yet, don’t worry, the successor to Batman still has gadgets, a cape, a mask, and themed vehicles.

These costumes will have a classic look but an emphasized modern twist. With this, DC is clearly testing new color schemes and presenting a futuristic look to the heroes as well as the villains:

(Will we see any of these in future movies or TV shows?)

The DC Multiverse

There have been constant teasers to different versions of characters in parallel universes that DC calls the Multiverse.

This multiverse concept is one that has become very popular among the fans, therefore DC is planning to further elaborate the concept by portraying fates of different versions of superheroes in different worlds.

For example, fans can expect a dark multiverse where their superheroes will be playing the roles of villains. This is certainly one of the most interesting changes being introduced by DC.

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