Is It Cell Phone or Cellphone? The Question All Tech Bloggers Ask

Cell Phone or Cellphone
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Every tech blogger has asked Google: “Is it cell phone or cellphone?”

It’s a good question:

(If you like grammar and spelling).

As it turns out, there is no right or wrong answer. It can be a cell phone or cellphone.

Sometimes it is a cell-phone but for some reason, it is never a cellular phone.

But think about how we reference this handy gadget in conversation:

You would rarely tell someone to “call me on my cellphone.”

Typically, we say things like, “Call my cell.”

The abbreviation “cell” is instantly recognizable in the handheld device community.

Then there are the countries in the world who don’t call it a cell phone or cellphone, or even cell-phone:

They opt for the somewhat awkward designation of “mobile.” You know, “ring my mobile.”

Oh, and these days, it’s not a cell phone or cellphone anyway:

It’s called a smartphone:

(Or is that smart phone?)

It’s a bit confusing, isn’t it?

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Why It’s Called A Cellular Phone In The First Place

Okay, spoiler alert. This could get a bit technical.

The terminology “cellular” has not much to do with living tissue, which any good scientist would refer to as cells:

The word “cellular” dates back to the mid-1700s and has the definition of “consisting of or resembling cells.”

What has that got to do with the phone in your pocket with the funky ring tone?

Well, there is a sensible comparison here:

Any cell phone network consists of cell towers.

These towers are where your signals go and get sent off a distance to either be received by the phone you are calling or down to another tower or through a series of towers until it locates the phone you are calling.

Each area served by a cell tower is called a “cell” and that will be a space of a few square miles.

The exact size of the cell being served by any particular tower depends on the type of tower, location, power, and terrain.

So, the next time you go to your cellphone or cell phone (delete as applicable) and note that there is no service, that will tell you that you are either outside of a serviced cell or that the tower servicing your cell is not working.

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What Is A Cell Phone Holster?

This one conjures up visions of a gunfight on a dusty street in a tiny little frontier town:

That’s not the case.

(Get it, case? As in phone case).

A holster is a phone case that fits your cell and attaches to your belt in much the same manner as a gun holster.

It was a fashion trend when it came out and remains a popular option amongst certain demographics and occupations.

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What Is A Cell Phone Purse?

This is a carrying case for your phone that resembles a small purse.

It is not a purse your cell phone carries for its accessories.

They come in many different styles and colors and features a long strap so you can hang it over your shoulder (or on your wrist).

The surprise is that these phone accessories are often barely big enough to fit your phone:

So, is it an improvement on the holster?

It’s a more fashionable option and like a holster, it gives you very little room to carry accessories.

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What Is A Cell Phone Lanyard?

This is essentially a neck-strap that attaches to a phone case or just the phone.

Its purpose is clear:

To “accidentally” whack people with it and pretend you didn’t know.

On the flip side, it means you’ll get hooked on doors and whack yourself whenever running, walking, turning, going upstairs, etc.

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In Conclusion

It doesn’t matter what you call your phone, just as long as it works!