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one of the best 65-inch tvs
January 13, 2023
There’s a big difference when jumping from a smaller screen to one of the best 65-inch TVs in this guide.
Batman vs Joker
December 19, 2022
DC has some amazing hero vs nemesis face-offs, but the most famous has to be Batman vs Joker. It isn’t
Best Big Bang Theory Episodes
October 26, 2022
If you are looking for the best Big Bang Theory episodes, you’ve come to the right place. Swipe down for
Most Violent TV Show Scenes - Game of Thrones HBO
October 21, 2022
Once upon a time, the TV watershed would keep innocent eyes away from TV brutality: Yet today, with everything and
Why Doesn't Michael Myers Die?
October 21, 2022
Michael Myers is the movie franchise Halloween’s primary antagonist, and with him is one of the biggest questions going, why
Best SNL Episodes
October 20, 2022
“Saturday Night Live” is the gold standard of sketch television. The show, which has been on the air for over
Best American Dad Episodes
October 14, 2022
American Dad debuted in 2005 and continues to this day. There are countless great episodes, but what are the best
best lightsaber scenes star wars, lightsaber battles star wars, lightsaber fights
September 21, 2022
As a new “Star Wars” show blasts onto Disney Plus, the news it will be lightsaber battle-free might cause a
Razor Crest
September 16, 2022
If you have watched The Mandalorian and are up-to-date on seasons, you’ll know the fate of his Razor Crest spaceship.
The Mandalorian
September 15, 2022
How does The Mandalorian‘s titular protagonist stack up with the best characters in the Star Wars universe? Although Mando has