5 Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile is available on Android and iOS smart devices and has built a mass following. The game includes a diverse selection of firearms in both multiplayer and the Battle Royale mode:

After examining the latest weapon balance tweaks, map adjustments, and other new updates, we put our findings to the test in-game. Following are the best gun in Call of Duty Mobile:

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1. M13

Without question, the M13 is the best assault rifle available. It gained popularity following the remake of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019. The gun was also included in Call of Duty Mobile with this popularity in mind.

The primary advantage of this firearm is that it is one of the most approachable assault rifles for novices. Additionally, it is extremely balanced.

The M13 has a damage rating of 24 points. It’s somewhat more accurate at 56 points, and it knocks it out of the park at 88 points for the rate of fire:

While those numbers aren’t outstanding, the M13 performs admirably in-game, and you’d be hard pushed to find a more balanced firearm.

Players must accomplish seasonal challenges to unlock the gun. Fortunately, these obstacles are not too imposing, and the gun is easily accessible.

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2. LMG (Long-Machine Gun)

The Holger 26 is the best Long-Machine Gun in Call of Duty Mobile right now. This gun has the fastest ADS speed of any LMG and excellent accuracy. The movement speed is acceptable, and the fire rate is competitive with that of other assault rifles in the game.

However, Holger 26’s reloaded speed may be an issue. Yet, it can be boosted with sleight of hand perks.

The Holger 26 has AR-style damage at a long range. Additionally, we recommend using an Underbarrel attachment designed for reduced recoil.

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3. DL Q33

The DL Q33, ranked eighth in Season 1, is a lethal sniper capable of one-shotting an enemy up to 40 meters away, dishing 207 headshots and 135 to the upper chest.

The DL Q33 is a technical sniper with excellent accuracy and mobility, ideal for passive players who enjoy picking a place and farming kills.

4. DR-H

The DR-H can deal up to 47 damage at an excellent rate of fire, and the weapon’s precision is fairly accurate.

When discharging, it requires less charge to overcome the backlash. This gun will be available to those who own a Battle Pass. A player can obtain the weapon for free at level 21. The Chained Skin form of this weapon is exclusively available to players with a Premium Pass at Tier 50 and is one of the best guns in CoD Mobile.

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5. KRM-262

Due to its ridiculous range, the KRM-262 is superior to those previously studied shotguns. Thus, it is possible to eliminate a player with one shot, with the proper attachments. So, attach the curved barrel (+2) with the 5mW MIP laser and watch as kill-streaks roll-up.