Apple Wallet To Include Digital Covid-19 Verification Card

It has become common in the post-pandemic and post-vaccine world to show proof of vaccination to a lot of public spaces before you enter it:

Locations like supermarkets, restaurants, and cafés require you to have been vaccinated before you come inside. This is done to ensure safety for the public and to stop the spread of Covid 19.

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The Apple Wallet Solution

Even though this system is meant to keep you safe, it doesn’t mean that it is not a hassle. Imagine standing outside a restaurant going through your pockets or your purse to look for your vaccination card?

And what if you forgot your vaccination card at home? It isn’t fair that you can’t get in even though you got your vaccination.

This is where Apple’s solution comes into play. By bringing verifiable COVID-19 vaccination cards to the Apple Wallet.

This will come as part of a future iOS update. This feature will be using the international SMART health cards standard, which is already in use across several states.

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SMART Health Cards

The SMART health cards standard will show proof of your vacation by signing it via a private key, and then it can be verified by generating a public key of your info.

This way, your data will be secure, and you can show your vaccination status. So, no chance that you can fool someone with a forged digital certificate.

iOS 15 already has a similar feature that allows you to store your vaccination and test results in the iOS native health app. This way, you can receive your records via QR codes or downloadable files by using the health app on your iPhone.

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Privacy & Security

Apple is known for taking personal privacy and security very seriously. And they are promising that all your personal data will be secure, and even Apple won’t have access to any imported or shared records:

Apple is notorious for holding firm on these commitments. In fact, Apple got into a controversy when Apple refused to build a backdoor for the FBI in their software. They both even battled this out in court.

So, rest assured your digital information and records are in good hands. Apple has even mentioned that they can’t track how you use the information. It automatically works with an approved third-party application without storing or giving away any private information.

Apple hasn’t announced when we can expect the card update to come. But they did mention that the update would come soon.

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