Amazon Prime Day 2 Coming In Q4 Of 2022

Prime Day 2
Credit: Chris Watt / Flickr

The first Amazon Prime Day is almost upon us, which is usually the only one that Amazon hosts throughout a calendar year. However, this year, we’ve seen reports about something different!

According to information that has been sent to Amazon’s retailers, there is going to be another Prime day coming at some point in Fall or Q4 of 2022.

This means that your favorite Prime day deals may be returning and perhaps with even more discounts!

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The Source Of The Leak

The leak itself, which Business Insider reported on, was by Amazon to retailers asking for their lightning deals submitted at the latest by the 22nd of July:

These deals were required for what Amazon is officially referring to as ‘Prime Fall,’ which may indicate a whole season of Prime instead of just one day.

Though unlikely, it is still on the cards for what could be happening in just a couple of weeks from now as Amazon hopes to have its buyers stay on the site longer and find more deals to benefit from.

As of yet, there has been no public announcement of Prime Day 2 (or Prime Fall), but from these leaks, we’re pretty sure something is coming up, be it a day or week or a whole season of Prime deals.

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Prime Day 2 Concerns

At the same time, there’s something to be concerned about here: Prime Day 2 might not actually be that beneficial for consumers.

We have reason to believe Prime Day 2 is lining up almost perfectly with Black Friday, a universal discount day where pretty much every single store out there has deals. This would be an odd decision for Amazon since it also hosts Black Friday deals, meaning Prime Day 2 would conflict with this event.

Moreover, customers might see Prime Day 2 and consider holding out a bit longer, hoping for even better deals on Black Friday, making the event a failure for Amazon. Therefore, the current speculation from what we’ve seen is that Prime Day 2 might be a Prime member exclusive and hidden away behind its paywall. While this is quite unfortunate and reduces accessibility to sales for many people, it makes sense from a business point of view.